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Welcome to Kahaniya!

Kahaniya is a storytelling platform. Our focus is primarily on vernacular literature.

For the longest time, English has dominated the Internet content space. English bloggers and storytellers have found great audience and opportunities on the web.

However, vernacular writers, especially Indian vernacular writers, have been left out of these opportunities. It is the same on reading side as well. Lovers of Indian vernacular fiction have been disappointed on the web.

Kahaniya is the answer for this community. The readers and writers of the Indian vernacular literary ecosystem.

At this time, Kahaniya provides writers with a state-of-the-art, completely self-service engine to write content in 11 languages. Using our innovative micro-payments engine, writers can price their content for as little as Re.1 or as high as Rs.1000 at their own discretion.

On Kahaniya, readers get to discover amazing new writers in their favorite languages. Readers can create their own recommendation engine by following writers and series of their interest. By engaging with writers and their stories, readers can also influence what trends and sinks on Kahaniya.

Through innovations like Live Publishing and Micro Payments and through services like Melange, Launchpad and Konnect, Kahaniya is bringing about a revolution in the vernacular content ecosystem.

Kahaniya is only beginning its journey. Stay tuned to learn more about the new updates and services we are bringing up to organize the vernacular industry and to create value for everyone in the ecosystem.