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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write stories on Kahaniya?

Yes, absolutely! Kahaniya is a self publishing platform - meaning, you can write on Kahaniya.com. Here's a quick guide on how you can write on Kahaniya.com.

I am unable to publish directly on Kahaniya. Can I upload PDFs?

We hope you have seen the following videos which help you learn how publishing works on Kahaniya.

Unfortunately, we do not have the facility of publishing PDFs directly on the site.

If you need DTP or other kind of publishing support, please contact our editorial team on dtp@kahaniya.com. We will help you to the best of our abilities and connect you to friendly third party vendors where needed.

What languages can I write in on Kahaniya?

At this time, you can natively compose/write stories in 11 languages on Kahaniya - Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu.

If your favorite language is missing from the list of supported ones, let us know by writing to us at hello@kahaniya.com

How can I earn money for the stories that I write on Kahaniya?

Kahaniya allows you to put a price on your stories. If a reader wants to read the story you publish, they will pay the price that you set on the story and read. These payments will become your earnings on Kahaniya.

I am a new writer. can I start charging for my stories?

Ability to charge for stories has to be enabled on the platform. This setting is enabled by our editorial team based on your profile. If you have already published works to your credit then this setting will be enabled immediately. Otherwise you need to build your profile by publishing few stories and based on the user feedback, this can be enabled for you.

Should I pay Kahaniya to write stories?

No, you need not pay to write on Kahaniya. It's completely free of cost. However, if you would like to monetize your stories, we charge a royalty for the platform.

Who owns the stories that I write on Kahaniya?

Any stories that you write on Kahaniya are owned by you. However, Rohini Tech Media Pvt Ltd (promoter of Kahaniya.com) does retain the right to republish them, as is, in full or in part, across its properties.

While publishing your stories, you can setup your own copyright policy that is applicable for the rest of the world.

Should I pay to read stories on Kahaniya?

Yes and no. There are hundreds of stories that you can read for free on Kahaniya. However, authors may also charge a fee for some of their works too. The stories that you need to pay for are called "Premium stories".

For every premium story, you will be given access to a part of the story as preview, to give you a chance to decide if you want to pay the fee that the author is asking. If you like the story and would like to read it in full, you need to pay the fee.

Why should I pay to read stories on Kahaniya?

Whether or not you must pay to read a story is decided by the writer and not Kahaniya.

Writing great stories is very hard work. Writers spend hundreds of hours of their lives to come up with the narratives and the characters that we love. If they choose to get paid, they deserve to get paid for their hard work and creativity.

Your payment for stories is a large part of the writers’ earnings.

Our intent is to create a financially viable ecosystem for writers. We appreciate and sincerely thank the millions of readers that are helping us in this effort.

How much do premium stories cost?

Premium stories are priced at author’s discretion. So, different premium stories cost different amount. The price will also vary by region.

Typically, each premium story costs between Re.1 and Rs.5.

How do I pay for premium stories?

You pay for Premium stories in Kahaniya Coins, which you can buy from the "Coin Bank" page at this link -- . You can buy coins using credit cards, debit card, netbanking or UPI.

Can I get a refund for a premium story that I did not like?

At this time, there are no refunds. But, we give you enough glimpse into a story before you are required to pay for a story. Read our full Refund Policy here.

A story on Kahaniya infringes my copyrights. What can I do?

Please reach out to us on copyrights@kahaniya.com with the link to the story on Kahaniya and a proof of your ownership. Someone from our team will assist you at the earliest.

Is Kahaniya available on mobile?

Yes, Kahaniya app is available on both Android Play Store and iOS App Store. To download the Kahaniya mobile app, click on the following link on your device and you will be taken to the applicable store.

I have a technical issue. Who do I contact?

For any technical assistance, reach out to us on support@kahaniya.com