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Leadership Team

Pallav Bajjuri
Founder, CEO
Passionate about creating opportunities, for myself and others - this is the reason for Kahaniya. If you have feedback, ideas for Kahaniya or if you are interested in working with us, pallav@kahaniya.com
Vatsav Konreddy
A technologist and an entrepreneur. Vatsav loves build highly scalable technology platforms and that's what he does at Kahaniya. The improvements that have been seeing on Kahaniya over the past few weeks and the ones that you will see in the future are courtesy of Vatsav diligence.

Core Team

Ankush Kumar
Manager, Kahaniya Hindi
Writer, Editor. Ankush Kumar manages Kahaniya Hindi. If you need support with publishing, marketing or anything related to Hindi stories, reach out to Ankush.
లక్ష్మీ పెండ్యాల
జర్నలిస్ట్ గా, రేడియో జాకీగా ఉన్న నన్ను కహానియా తెలుగు కొత్త మార్గంలోకి తీసుకెళ్లింది. మీరు తెలుగు కథలు, నవలలు, కవితలు రాస్తారా? అయితే lakshmi@kahaniya.com కి మీ రచనలు పంపండి.
Phani Kandukuri
Head, South India
Phani is a seasoned journalist and film PRO. The latest member of team Kahaniya. In his role, he takes care of partnerships in the South Indian film industry for Kahaniya. So, if you want to pitch a story for a film or a web series or a book, Phani is your guy - phani@kahaniya.com
Aasha Pallapolu
Operations Manager
Editor, Support, and Writer