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Kahaniya Konnect


Many writers have the dream of seeing their story turn into a feature film or a web series. However, that’s an opportunity that a very few writers realize.

Kahaniya Konnect is here to fulfill your desire to connect with the film industry, pitch your stories for films or web series and work with the film crew through the end of the making to ensure your dream comes to life on the big screen.

Throughout this process, Kahaniya works with you to ensure that you get find the right film maker to execute your dream, negotiate the right terms of engagement and realize what has been promised to you. Kahaniya acts as your partner and works for your success throughout your journey to fame and fortune.

A young writer, Athreyasa Desharaj, realized his dream through Konnect. Desharaj started a brilliant, spell-binding political murder thriller on Kahaniya in 2016. In 2018, Desharaj signed up for the Konnect program and by 2019, Desharaj realized his dream when his series got turned in the popular Telugu film Kalki. Read the original Kalki series here on Kahaniya.

There are a lot of film makers searching for amazing stories. If you think you have one and need our help, fill out this form and we’ll help you.

If you have any questions about Konnect, reach out to us on konnect@kahaniya.com