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Anupama mohan
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Love, Romance, Travelogue, Fantasy, Poetry, Women. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since April 1, 2020.
Anupama mohan
grey sky!
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I don't know what my mind is going through. But I want to get out from this lockdown. I miss everything and everything that surrounded me. Staying at home is very boring and its making me an over thinker day by day. I don't k ow what am I supposed to do, or what can keep me alive. But I know one thing ,right now there is nothing around me to feel or make me alive. Days are dull and even the skies seem to be dark and harsh. I'm not able to find beauty in anything! I just want a long sleep, a sleep that wakes me up only when all these situations are better. I'm fed up with myself. Nothing to do! Even the favourite things had turned to be boring. I don't know what will be my mind and soul after all these freezing situations. Just hoping for good days to come.

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