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Kolla Malleswari
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Comedy, Crime, Drama, Inspiration, Love, Romance. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since June 12, 2020.
Kolla Malleswari
A Day In My Life
It was a memorable day in my life
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Those were the days when I were studying Intermediate. Once during the holidays I went for Tirumala temple with my mother. Until the evening of that day, we will go to see all the places and go for a night visit. At that time, my mother felt a little heartburn while going in the queue and went without telling me that she was afraid to tell me that thing and told the police who were nearby there. They immediately took our mother out of the queue. I do not know what to do. I called my mom not understanding what had happened. But my mom was not in a position to talk to me. The people behind me are pushing me forward as it is actually crowded. The police did not send me out if I wanted to go out. They said "Your mother will be here. You go and Come on ... " I said "no. I will go to my mother." I tried to convince them. But they did not listen and said "It's not possible to send everyone out like that ... so you go to Darshan .." Unable to do anything anymore I moved forward ..... I reached the place where the devotees were waiting for the darshan for a while .... but my whole mind was filled with some fear. I could not stay there .... I got up immediately and went back and forth and finally somehow came out through a small alley. I immediately went in search of my mother ..... And i reached to the place where my mother went out. But my mom is not there. Also no police. I was not involved in what to do. Even if I go immediately and collect my mobile from mobile counter. My mom does not have a phone to make a call to her. That's why I called my father and told him what happened .. My father said anxiously for a long time, "You leave tomorrow morning and come home, be careful, your mother will come somehow. You will not be tensed" ... However, I went in search of my mother. I entered the streets of tirumala in search of that. As it is restricted to walk barefoot there so i leave my sandals aside and go to find my mom. So I searched all night and at last i found her and cried because of the tension that I have faced till yet. My mother took me to her and told me to be brave and I came out with my mother gladly calling my father to take this matter. I could not find my sandals there. "If we lose our sandals in the temple, we will be better off," said our mother. I said Okay and I called my father and told him that my mother had appeared. I immediately told my father that my sandals were not visible. On hearing this, my father rebuked me, "Should we take care of our belongings when we go out ..." Immediately I said "Daddy... Mom said that if we lost sandals in the temple it will be good for us ..." In fact, my father is so tense so far and shouted "then left your mother there too .... we both will be better off .... " I could not stop laughing when I heard that .... all the tension and fear that I had felt till then disappeared in a few moments ... I laughed comfortably ...... even my dad joins with my smile...... Kolla Malleswari B.Tech-Final year student Vemu Institute Of Technology

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