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A dream of Christmas
Letter to Santa
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The cold winter and the snow of love. Christmas is filled with happy memories and joyous laughter. From the day of New Year, a long await of Christmas starts. And now it is here- the merry Christmas. Lily has been preparing a lot for the Christmas since the start of december. This year, her brother Jack is coming home after a whole year. He was in California for his job. Every year they were together for Christmas and done everything together. So this time she wants to give her big brother, papa and mama a surprise Christmas present. After a long day she fell asleep. She had done all the preparations and gift for Christmas eve. The sound of jingle bells are getting closer and closer. The sky is bright with stars decorating the sky. The moon is smiling towards her through the open window. Snowflakes are falling down and the cool breeze is whispering something to the Frosty, her beloved snowman right outside the window of her room. All of a sudden she could see the herd of eight reindeers and a cart with a sack of gifts. In the middle of all those gifts, there was a white bearded grandpa in red clothes and big tummy singing christmas songs. Oh! It's Santa Claus. She was surprised. The real Santa seemed very cute and beautiful than all the Santa she had ever seen. She couldn't believe her eyes. The Santa halted the cart in front of her room and asked her for a present. Lily said:"Santa always gives us gifts. But now, why are you asking me for a Christmas gift? I don't have any." Santa replied sadly:"Every year I am giving you gifts but no one's there to gift me something. I am totally disappointed in you. I won't come to see you anymore for the christmas." Lily...Lily...wake up. I am home." She rubbed her eyes and slowly opened her eyes. There stood Jack, her brother. Suddenly she realised that it was a dream. But she felt sad about that dream. She told the entire story to Jack and he said:"don't worry my dear, you can prepare a gift for Santa yourself." She hugged her brother feeling so happy. All the time she was thinking about what to give a snow man like her Frosty. She started knitting a snowman. By noon, she completed knitting and showed it to Jack. Jack was so happyto see her little sister so innocent and thoughtful. The town is in the midst of fete and everyone is ready for the Christmas eve. All of them prepared the Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Lily prepared gifts for her papa, mama and brother and she hid it in the Christmas tree. Lily got her gifts and was eager to let them find the presents for them. But nothing happened as expected. She was thinking that they will find the gifts and will shower her with love and appreciation for her thoughtful deed. She felt so sad. She went inside her room and was so disappointed that her family didn't noticed her love for them. In the midst of all these thoughts she forgot about her gift to Santa. It was only when she heard the Christmas song in the radio, she remembered about that. Soon she took her gift and decided to leave it near Frosty so that the Santa could find it easily. Then she wrote a letter to Santa. "Dear Santa, Merry Christmas. You always prepared so many gifts for us and you didn't get anything in return. I saw a dream yesterday. In that dream you were sad. So this time, I prepared a gift for you. A knitted snowman like my Frosty. Even though it's so cold outside Frosty still choose to stay there. You are also like Frosty. You also chose to travel these long to give us gifts in this cold even though you are old. So I want to say that if you ever feel weak and tired that you decide not to come anymore, just look at my snowman and then you will have the strength to come again. Also remember that I will be preparing a Christmas gift for you every year. My dear Santa, I don't want any gifts from you this year. Just let my family know that I have prepared them gifts and those gifts are hanged in Christmas tree. Tell them that I want to surprise them. May all our Christmas be filled with happiness and joy. With lots of love, Lily" She put the letter inside the gift box and hanged the gift in Frosty's hand. Jack noticed that Lily was a bit down. When he went to talk to her, he found that she was not in her room. He searched her everywhere and them he remembered about Lily's gift to Santa. Since the Santa was a snowman, he ran to check near Frosty. There she was. When he saw her, she was hanging the gift on Frosty's hand. He went near her amd threw a snowball on her. He wants to cheer her up. She couldn't stay sad anymore. She also threw balls on him. They played for a long time in the snow until mama called them to go to the church. When they came back, the first thing she checked was her gift on Frosty. She found that the gift was already gone. Oh! So the Santa came! She was so happy. She wanted to tell these to everyone at home and when she rushed inside they were waiting for her. She found that she had the gifts prepared for them. They were laughing with joy. They hugged her and kissed her. She moved into tears when they said that they got a letter a letter from Santa. The letter says that Lily has prepared gifts for you and she hid it in the Christmas tree. She wanted to surprise you. They also said that they are very moved with the thoughts of their little princess. She was overjoyous that night. When she went to her room, she found that there was a gift box outside the window. She eagerly opened the box and found a jingle bell and a letter. The letter says: "My dear Lily, I am very happy that I had got my first ever christmas gift in this entire life. Thank you, dear. I am so happy that I wanted to gift something in return. I am giving you a jingle bell. Jingle bell signifies celebration and happiness. You are also like that. Happy and cheerful and celebrating each day like Christmas. So I want to say that always keep your happiness and the celebration of life alive. May all your christmas be filled with joy. I am awaiting for my next christmas gift and gifts ahead. With love, Santa Claus" She hadn't celebrated a christmas like this. She was so contented that she couldn't sleep with all the surprises of the day. When she finally fell asleep, she had another dream. In that dream she could see that Santa is smiling and singing jingle bells. He says:" I am ver happy. I got my christmas gift." Lily... wake up. Let's go to church. That morning she woke up with a warm feeling of happiness and love in her heart. The family celebrated a wonderful christmas together. In the night of snowfall, happy laughters and sounds of celebration, she with her jingle bells opened the window and sat near the window. Frosty is also smiling happily like Lily. They sat together looking at the starry sky waiting for the next Christmas. She wishes that like in her dream, one day she'll be able to see Santa riding the cart along with Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen singing christmas songand carrying the sack of christmas gifts. The end

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