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Gyanendra Kumar
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Inspiration, Love, Lyrics. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since December 31, 2020.
Gyanendra Kumar
A friend from another world
I saw it in real life...
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Have you ever met someone whom you just imagined in your dreams? It would be one of the amazing experiences one can ever have, and I am one of those fortunate people who have experienced this. Today I am going to narrate one such incident which took place last year with me... It was the time of the autumn break when I went on a vacation with my friends. We were four friends who are very fond of adventure. We decided to spend a night in the nearby forest. It was a fine day we reached there by noon. We had our lunch and set for a trip around the forest. It was not a dense forest but was a lush green forest with many varieties of trees. And also one river also flow from that forest. When we reached the banks of the river we could see a man fishing there but he was doing some crazy things which we didn't noticed any of the fishermen doing before. He was throwing fishes again into water, as soon as he found something stuck to the tip of the fishing rod he would get excited and pull it to shore but as he saw it, he used to again throw it again into the river, even if it was a heavy fish. We got puzzled and one of us just went and asked him why he would do such pointless thing. He replied that he is a researcher and has heard that there is one mermaid sighted in this river which many locals has claimed and now he is searching for that. We were unable to digest that how can be so educated person believes on such false and proof less claims by the locals. We just saying nothing left that place. We were just discussing about that crazy guy while returning back to our spot, the day has already fallen. As we were NCC cadets we had an experience of camp previously and know how can we safeguard yourself. We pitched our camp and went inside to keep ourselves warm. We brought a UNO card game which we started to play, to pass the time. We then ate some food which we brought with ourselves and went to bed. We all were sleeping, when I woke abruptly from a dream. It was some crazy dream where I was in the bank's of the river and saw some mermaid like creature but suddenly a crocodile attacked her. She was running for her life. I was standing there with mixed feelings of surprise and fear. Due to that sight by body was paralysed and I was drained in sweat, was unable to move even a single leg. Suddenly that crocodile turned to me and was about to attack on me I just woke up from dream and felt some relief. I was quite afraid to go out for some time so I woke my one friend Ravi and told what all happened, he was quite mature guy, said "you were just over thinking about what that crazy person told you." "Let's go outside and spend some time in the fresh air, you will feel better." We both went outside for a walk. As he was with me, out of curiosity I asked him once to go towards that river. He agreed and we set forth towards the river. And when we went there we saw that old researcher was still there. But was in sleep. He slept there only might be exhausted. When we went there it was somewhat like my dream, we heard some kind of activity in the silent water. Suddenly a fish tailed human jumped out of water. This woke up that old man. He also saw that amazing creature which we only heard in stories. She was chased by a crocodile, the old man immediately took a revolver shot that crocodile on its eye. Out of pain it went back into water. When everything seemed under control we all started searching for that creatuere. The old man was overjoyed to see it near the shore just a few steps away. We three were really surprised to see a real life mermaid with our naked eyes. She was just like a human but with a fish tail. She was having green hair and had scales all over the body other than on the face. Her face was almost like humans except for small openings on the cheeks. They might be gills. The old researcher said this is the best moment in his life. The old man tried to took her in the arms and we helped him to take her to the other side. It was fine that she didn't got any kind of injury. It took some time for her to came back to consciousness. She was amazed to see three of us there. She just said something and splashed something on our face, we just started feeling unconscious and slowly dripped into sleep. When we woke up, we both my friend and I was in the camp. But we were surprised about what happened at night. Were we just dreaming? I discussed this with Ravi and others and I was puzzled to know that Ravi also had that same dream. We then decided to go to the river to find whether the man is still there to know the truth. But no one was there. We then thought it might be some coincidental dream and decided to return. And when I reached home I was checking the images which we took on that spot. In one of them I could see that mermaid was there. And so was about to share it with friends, I saw in news. It was BBC news where this old man was giving an interview. He told he has the proof of that mermaid captured in camera. When he revealed it in front of T.V. the photos were either too blurred or were suddenly got damaged and none of them could be opened. And when I saw the same happened it to me. Then I realised it might be some supernatural power of that mermaid only. I thought she might be from another world. And only I and that old man knew the truth. And the truth will be buried with us.....

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