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Edukulla Gayatri
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Inspiration, Love, Lyrics, Plays, Spiritual. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since July 10, 2022.
Edukulla Gayatri
Tells about relationships
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Dad what about our summer holidays?' asked Rushi ,at the breakfast table .'can we go to ooty as usual?' 'I ' am afraid not ,'said his mother. 'They are quite full up this year.' Rushi looked at his dad in great disappointment. they did so love the hotel at Ooty .The hill station was so lovely with greenery, it's cold weather  and awesome spots. 'Cheer up,'said Daddy. 'I dare say we will find somewhere else just as good for you. 'Anyway  me and your mother won't be able to go with you this year ',.Has mother told you. 'No !'said Rushi. 'Oh, mom---- is it true? can't you really come with me on the holidays? you always do.' 'Well, this time daddy wants me to you go to Darjeeling with him .said Mother .All by ourselves! and as you are really getting big enough to look after  yourself now, we thought it would be rather fun for you to have a holiday on your own too. but now that you can't go to Ooty .I don't really  quite know where to send you.' 'What about Lalitha's?suddenly said Dady.Lalita was her sister. Rushi's aunty. They had only seen her once ,and had been rather frightened of her. she was a very tall tubby women .a clever journalist who spent all her time finding new news. she lived by the lake-- but that was all about her that the children knew of her. 'Lalita?' said mother, pursing her lips. whatever made you think of her?. I shouldn't think  she 'd want the Rushi messing about in her little house.' 'Well ,'ssid Dady,' I had to see Lalita's husband in town the other day, about your business matter--- and I don't think things are going too well for them. Murali  said that he would be quite glad if he could hear year of one or two people to live with her for a while, to bring a little money in. Their  house is by the lake, you know .It might be just the thing for the Rushi. Lalita is very nice she will look after them well.' 'Yes-and she has two children of her own too,hasn't she?'.said Rushi 's mother. 'Let me see--what's there names--something dhatri and yogi-!How old would they be?About 11and 8,I Should think.' 'Dhatri Same age as me,'said Rushi. They were very jolly all the time. I Should think she'd be glad to see us.' 'Well ,your aunt Lalita said that dhatri and yogi would love a bit of company,'said Daddy. 'You know, I really think that would solve our difficulty, if we call to Lalita and arrange for the Rushi to go there.It would help Lalita, I'm sure,and dhatri and yogi would love to have someone to play with in the holidays. Rushi began to feel rather excited. It would be fun to go to a place they had never been to before, and stay with an unknown cousins. 'Are there parks and beach there?'asked Rushi. 'Is it a nice place?'. 'I don't remember it well,'said Daddy. 'But I feel sure you will love it! 'Oh !Daddy, do call to Lalita aunty and ask her if we can go there.'All right-I 'll ring up now,and see if there is any chance. ' After 10 minutes, Daddy said  'Well,that's settled, 'your Lalita aunty is ecstatic. And she will love look after to you. When we are going,' Daddy '? Next week,said Daddy. Rushi want to take all his toys with him. Daddy how we commute there by train or by car?Rushi asked. 'By car ,'said Daddy. That would suit me well,'said mother.'then we could take Rushi down,come back,and do our own packing at leisure, and start off for Darjeeling on Sunday. Yes-we'll arrange for Wed day.' So,wed day it was.Rushi counted the days eagerly, and marked one of the calender each night. Rushi woke up,and Leer out of the nearby window. 'It's a lovely day,hurrah!'.'it's come at last!'I am excited to go for a holiday!. They started to soon after breakfast. Along the crowded Hyderabad roads they went ,slowly at first,and then,as they left the city behind, more quickly. What time shall we be at aunt Lalita's?asked Rushi. 'About 12'o'clock ,said Daddy. We must watch out for the lake,'said Rushi. ' I can smell it somewhere near!' He was right.---the car suddenly topped a hill--and there was the shining green lake,calm and smooth in the sunlight Rushi gave a yell. 'There it is'! Oh,I want to play this very minute!' 'No, You will see the lake soon, 'said Daddy. They soon came to Lalita's 🏠 house. It wasn't really a big house, but quite beautiful with rose garden and many other flowers. Daddy stopped the car infront of it . it's supposed to be about 200 years old!Now-where is Lalita?Hallo,there's dhatri!'

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