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Edukulla Gayatri
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Inspiration, Love, Lyrics, Plays, Spiritual. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since July 10, 2022.
Edukulla Gayatri
A Holiday Trip (chapter 2)
the first day in aunt lalitha's house
  2 Mins Read

Rushi's aunt had been watching for the car she came running out of the door as soon as she saw draw up outside. Rushi liked the look of her at once. 'Welcome to Mysore !'she laughed.' hello ,all of you!' it's lovely to see you. Rushi you grown up big. Rushi went into the house .he liked it. The house was old and very beautiful. 'Where is Dhatri and yogi?' asked Rushi , looking around for them 'oh,  they are playing in the garden.' said aunt. I must tell you, Rushi ,they're very  joyfull .They both will enjoy our company. 'How do you call "them"? asked Rushi in surprise. I call Daughtry as sweety, Yogi as Tinku. 'I am excited to see them aunty' said Rushi. I wish they would come but they didn't .Rushi's uncle Murali suddenly entered into the house. he was handsome looking man. 'Hello, Murali !' said Dady.' it's a long time since I have seen you .I hope these three don't disturb you very much in your work. Murali is working on a very difficult project ,'said Lalita .'But he have separate room for himself on the outdoor .so I don't  expect he will be disturbed. Murali located the three children and nodded to them . 'Where is the Dhatri and yogi ?'Murali asked. 'Gone off somewhere again,' said aunt Lalita . 'Well,children, I hope you have a good time here. There was no room at Lalita's house for mother and daddy ,so they arranged bed in the open garden for them. The next morning after breakfast they would drive back to Hyderabad. They said goodbye to Rushi. Rushi felt a little bit lonely as he saw the car disappear round the corner of the road.aunt Lalita took Rushi to show him his bedroom, he soon forgot to be sad. The three were to sleep together in a room .It had a marvelous view of the lake. Rushi was thrilled with it. All the three children were fast asleep. They heard nothing at all until the sun awoke them in the morning. They got dressed . They were all hungry. The aroma of biryani was very good. They ran into the kitchen and said good morning to Lalita. She was just bringing the breakfast to the table. Dhatri and yogi 'I  hope it will be fun for you to play with Rushi. You must take your cousin to see the lake this morning and show him the best place to bathe'. 'Yes mommy ' So,after breakfast, three children got ready to go to the Lake. Dhatri said ' Rushi if you like to do boating ',I may take you there some other day...'it's lovely place to  go to.' Someday !it will be my very own place and I  want to start a hotel business there.😊

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