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Treesa Thomas Payyanat
Passionate Writer
Treesa Thomas Payyanat
A Juvenile Offender Was Almost Born
Will I end up behind bars?
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Among the many unfortunate events I had endured in my childhood, the most traumatic one occurred when I was twelve. Summer vacation had started and my family was on our way to Hong Kong. I was really excited because travelling has always been a passion of mine, even in my younger days. We had a long flight to the Hong Kong International Airport. We were discussing our plans at the Arrival Turnstiles when we were stopped.

The security guards had some confusion with my passport and made me stand aside while they sorted things out. The guards looked stern and I was very nervous. Passing travelers stared at me and I felt quite embarrassed. 

Somehow I got it into my mind that I was being arrested. Yes, I had a paranoid imagination. I let my imagination carry me away to extreme heights. Would I have to spent an eternity in jail? Would I ever be able to see my parents again? I had dreams and ambitions to achieve. I became very emotional. 'This is it Treesa' I thought to myself, 'this is where your life as a criminal begins'. I wanted to punch the tall guard, scream and run away like a mad man. I imagined myself being chased by a fleet of Chinese officers and helicopters. I realized I would then have to live in incognito. I shuddered.

Meanwhile my parents had managed to sort things out with the officials and were now in friendly terms with them. They let me go and jokingly asked me if I still wanted to hang out with them in the airport. I nervously shook my head, laughed maniacally and scuttled away before they could pin anything else on me. 

That incident did make the trip more 'interesting' and I certainly was shook. It was a traumatic experience that I most certainly will never forget.

Treesa Thomas Payyanat St. Teresa's College

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