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Archa Das
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Fiction, Inspiration, Spiritual, Thriller, Travelogue. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since December 16, 2020.
Archa Das
A letter to Santa
A life of a small girl with .........
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On top of a hill a little girl named Carle lived with hersick, old grandmother ,she lost her parents when she was a small baby .Her grandmother makes sweaters for the winter season from which she gets the money.Every year Grandmother gave gifts to Carle saying that "it's a gift from Santa". Grandmother thought her how to weave sweaters, how to make proper food. After a few years, Grandma becomes sick and bedridden. The whole responsibility is on the shoulders of poor Carle. She takes care of her whole house, taking care of her sick grandmother, feeding cattle, making food. It was a cold winter month. Every people and even animals are in their home except for poor Carle. She needs to cut woods for making a fire in the hearth. She could hear jingle bells somewhere near her house.After her work, she went to her desk and write a letter to Santa.The very next day she went to the post office there was a heavy storm outside ignoring it she went out to send a letter, in the storm letter flew from her hand. The letter flew along with the storm. When the storm got over the letter got in the hands of a Doctor named Jim.Dr. Jim was a kind Doctor who treats people without money with his daughter as his assistant.The doctor on seeing a small child's handwriting curiously opened and start reading the letter the letter is

Dear Santa

Thank you for giving me gifts every year. This year I don't want any gift insisted can you heal my Grandmother's illness. Healing my Grandmother is the biggest gift that I ever needed .

Thanking you Carle.

Tears came out of his eye after finish reading the letter.The doctor enquired about little girl Carle nearby schools, shops, post office.After a day doctor got to know that an old grandmother and her grandaughter's name is Carle who lived on the top of the hill. Dr. Jim along with his daughter Mary go near to Carle to cure Carle's grandmother. On reaching the top of the hill where Carle lived, Dr. Jim on seeing the way Carle work hard made the doctor went back to his childhood memories. Dr. Jim went near to Carle and said that Sant has sent him to cure Carle's grandmother's illness. Carle on hearing this got excited and took Dr. Jimand his daughter into her small house. The doctor started his treatment and his daughter took great care of Carle and her Grandmother. Four days passed away grandmother got back her physical and mental health. The doctor said how he came near to grandmother and who were the hand behind it. All four of them had a good time with each other. On the eve of Christmas night Dr . Jim and her daughter vanished when Carle and her grandmother went inside the house to take Jesus Christ. Carle checked everywhere, at last, she herself thought that it is Santa and his reindeer who came as Dr. Jim and his daughter. She happily lives with hergrandmother on the hilltop waiting to see Santa Claus ................. Archa Das 2DC Botany St Teresa's College (Autonomous) Ernakulam

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