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Sreelakshmi Ranjan
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Inspiration, Love, Lyrics, Romance, Thriller. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since November 20, 2020.
Sreelakshmi Ranjan
a simple memory from my childhood
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Every human being passes through different phases of life. I think childhood is the most sweetest phase of life. We all have our sweetest memories. Sometimes, the incidents which hurts you a bit could be sweet memories. I remember such an incident. Once, when I was a kid, my aunt who lives nearby our house called me and my brother as if there were something exciting which she wanted to share with us. Me and my brother rushed towards herhouse. There we saw something exciting. It wasa little bird. My aunt said she found that bird in her garden. She added that it was unable to fly.She asked if we wanted to take that bird. Most of the kids love pets. We also love pets. So we took the bird with my aunt's permission. We tried to feed the bird with the food which was left in my house. But it didn't eat as birds don't eat that kind of food. I found that the bird was sick. That might be the reason why the bird was unable tofly. After sometime another bird was found in my aunt's garden. That mother seemed like a mother bird. That bird was shrieking as if she lost her chick. It seemed like that bird was the mother of the little bird which we kept. There was a worm inside the beak of that bird as if it wanted to feed her child. It was searching for it's lost chick. Hearing it's mother's sound, the little bird chirped as if it was saying 'mom, I'm here'. After watching all this, my aunt felt pity and asked me to return the little bird into the garden. I refused as I wanted to take care of the little bird. My aunt asked me several times but I was so stubborn. By the time, my uncle came and my aunt explained all this to him. My uncle scolded me and said that it's not right to keep such a little bird with us away from it's mother. I told him that the little bird was sick. But he thought I was lying because I wanted to keep the bird as a pet. Then he took the little bird and moved towards the garden. He kept the little bird somewhere in the garden. After sometime, I searched the garden but I couldn't find the little bird. It seemed like the mother bird took her chick and left. I hope the little bird left with it's mother. I was so sad to leave the little bird because it was sick and I wanted to take care. But now that I think about it, I feel like it's not sad because hopefully the little bird left with it's mother. Even though it's sick, atleast it could be with it's mom. Being separated from mother is so worse than being sick. Atleast it could be happy. It is an unforgettable incident in my life. The mother bird taught me no matter whatever creature we are, the love of a mother is unconditional. So that was one of my sweet childhood memories, a little bird and me.

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