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kavi Ramya
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Inspiration, Love, Mythology, Romance, Spiritual, Thriller. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since October 7, 2020.
kavi Ramya
A Precious Letter!
An unexplained love
  3 Mins Read

Dear Shyam, How are you? I am fine here. I can manage all household chores which I didn't know earlier. Do you remember the day I prepared Maggi for you? That memory got triggered today when our little boy asked for it. He resembles you a lot. His wits and knowledge are inherited from you. I am seeing you in him. I told him about our story...Though you know, I want to share and live that moment again with you... I was the newlywed bride who entered your home with a lot of fear and untrained to do household chores. I did not know cooking also. I still remember what I made on the first day I entered the kitchen. I made Maggi noodles and your family did not utter a word against it. They felt elated by seeing the efforts that I put into cooking Maggi for them with enthusiasm. They saw my love and affection towards them which was disguised in me due to fear. They gifted me with a Thanksgiving smile. Seeing you and your family's welcoming nature, broad-minded thinking, and kind heart, I slowly learned household chores. Mother-in-law taught me everything related to household chores with patience and my Father-in-law guided me on a good path positively... And you, my dear husband, you gave everything to make our relation loving one. Though you are not physically present, I keep imagining that you are with me... It's been 5 years that I saw you...I know you are not allowed to send photos or make a video call to us...I know how much you miss us...But please do convey a message that you are okay. Can you please send me a letter of your emotions and love towards us with which I can spend one more year by reading it again and again?? The letters that you send:- **Help me progress in my life with a ray of hope that you will return one day into our life again Hale and Healthily **Assure us that you are still alive there ** Boosts my confidence and makes me feel connected to your heart and feelings that you express which are memorable till Doom's day **Inspire our little one to grow by considering you as his role model **Soothing medicines recommended to your old aged parents I always search for one word "I am ok" in your letter to calm myself in my low times where there is a whirlpool of emotions in me that I suppress when I miss you a lot ... Always waiting to welcome you with a victory achieved happiness on your face... Your best half-life partner, Meera. ******* On reading this letter, an army man at the border could not control his tears rolling down his cheeks and started writing back "Dear Meera, I am okay. Please take care of yourself and the family. Miss you..." He finished writing the letter and reached the postal office to post the precious one(letter). There, he saw a major who confronted him about his lies. "Why are you writing this letter to your friend Shyam's wife? Don't you think you are doing a wrong deed and giving false hopes to them?" interrogated him in private talk... "I am sorry...but I am not giving false hopes to them Sir...He will become ok...We found him yesterday and he is alive with minor injuries. He will become ok within the doctor's said time...Until then like an elder brother, I will support him and his family... I am alive because of him...I will support him and his family till my last breath in whatever way possible...I love my country and my people equally... Jai Hind!!" saluted the army man to his major and left the place silently... "Hey, Arjun!! Good to hear that. See you soon", smiled Major. The End. Thank you for giving me this opportunity of presenting my letter + story...Thank you Readers for reading my story and supporting me...

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