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kavi Ramya
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Inspiration, Love, Mythology, Romance, Spiritual, Thriller. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since October 7, 2020.
kavi Ramya
A Special Person!
In everyone's life!
  4 Mins Read

"Hi, ma'am! How may I help you?" asked the waiter politely looking at Tara's sad face. "Um, yes! I am waiting for someone special. It's the first time I am meeting that person this year. So I want it to be special. That person is coming to spend time with me after a year. But your manager has bluntly rejected stating that covid norms cannot be tweaked and there is still a necessity to follow them. I assured him that we will wear masks once the party is over." said Tara, feeling dejected foreseeing her surprise party plan as a flopped one. "Ma'am! Give me a few minutes. Let me try!" said the waiter, giving her a smile intending to talk to his manager. Tara nodded her head in agreement. The waiter discussed the pros and cons. He finally managed to convince his manager. Tara felt happy as the waiter approached with a huge smile hinting to her that he got her permission to celebrate. "Ma'am, you can celebrate! But there are few rules..." said the waiter, with a sense of responsibility. Tara agreed and said "What are the rules I need to follow?" switching to her enquiring mode. "You will be allotted space on the terrace where you can plan a celebration. The customers will be one or two who insist on having their lunch on the terrace. So, you need not worry about the crowd and covid. We will use spray to sanitize the terrace. One more rule ma'am. Celebrate but be aware that you are using the hotel space. So, please don't litter or make any uneasy advances or create any obscene scenes. I hope you understood." said the waiter gulping at times in tension. "Don't worry. I need your help to make the arrangements. So, let's hurry up. The clock is ticking" said Tara being joyful. After an hour..... Arrangements were beautifully made and the decor was maintained. Tara's eyes were eagerly waiting for that special person. After half an hour, her wait was over. The person arrived. Waiter's eyes started gazing unintentionally towards that someone special. "Happy Birthday Mom!" said Tara, with a broad smile and bright face. On seeing the decoration her mother's eyes were filled with tears. "Th...Thank you...u" stammered her 85 years old mother Susheela who was shocked with the surprise. The stick that helped her carry herself was special indeed as it carried a lane of memories that she spent. The waiter stood still and repented for thinking the other way around. The manager came there to inspect Tara and her special one. The moment he saw Tara's mother, he was moved by their bonding. He made a heartfelt apology and said "Hi ma'am! You are looking very beautiful. Today is a special day! Today we completed one week journey of successfully running our hotel business amidst this pandemic situation. So, we are providing all our customers with a surprise gift hampers and one of their favourite dishes is served for free." with a graceful look. Thoughts were running in Tara's mind "Why didn't the manager mentioned it before? Why now?" and she grew suspicious about the sudden change in the manager's attitude. The waiter was also shell shocked seeing his manager's attitude. He was having a clash of thoughts in his mind. "Is he the same person who warned me about dire consequences if something went out of control?" said the waiter to himself in a low tone. "Yes! Come with me!" said the manager Hari, with a smile on his lips. Tara had an eye on the manager to find out the truth. Tara made an excuse near her mom and followed the manager. "She was a lecturer in the college where I have studied. Though she couldn't recognise me, I recognised her at very first sight. She was my inspiration. She was the one who helped me to survive even during the worst situations. She instilled unlimited hope in me. Without her guidance, I would have been nothing. I am grateful to her. She is my lucky charm. She changed my whole life for good. You know how we survived this pandemic situation! That was the boldness and courage which I incorporated due to her teachings. I want you to do me a favour. Bring a pack of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and wrap it with a blue gift cover and stick a 'Best wishes' teddy bear holding a flowers card. Hurry up. I don't want my ma'am to wait for this hamper. Also, arrange chocolate packs for all the customers who are going to visit our hotel today. Don't worry about the budget, I will adjust it from my next month's salary. I will have a word with the owner to cut my salary on an instalment basis. Sorry! I have scolded you for supporting the girl's intentions. Today she opened my eyes. Why not a special person can be anyone? Today, I realised we should keep our thoughts positive and we should be broad-minded. She taught me a life lesson just like her mother. This time I will never forget until my last breath" said the manager Hari, with a down to earth attitude. The waiter was happy and followed the manager's instructions keenly. Within no time, he arranged the gift hampers. Tara seeing their efforts in the background became teary-eyed. She was having a conversation with her mother and just then-manager Hari entered and brought the gift like a precious one. He handed over it to Susheela with gratitude and a smile. The waiter brought her favourite dish pineapple pastry. Susheela was surprised and said "Tara you never knew that I liked pineapple pastry. Then, how come you ordered my favourite. Was it a wild guess?" with an innocent smile. "It was your student Hari who gave you this surprise, mom. He is none other than this manager," said Tara giving credit to the manager. Susheela lifted her head proudly. She smiled at the manager and remembered the days when she taught him as a lecturer and the ways she instilled in him the morals. She was pleased to see him with changed behaviour and extended her hand in an attempt to give a handshake. Manager Hari understood her intention and quickly stretched his hand. Susheela laughed and said, "still you are the same, Hari! Did you bring me, Ferrero rocher chocolates?" with a happy face. Hari rubbed his hair and said, "Yes, ma'am." feeling shy. Tara and the waiter laughed. "I learnt today also a lesson from your daughter, ma'am," said Hari to himself and spent quality time with her. ************* The End... Thank you, Dear Readers!

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