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I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Comedy, Fiction, Inspiration, Love, Mythology, Plays, Romance, Film Scripts, Social Commentary, Thriller. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since November 20, 2020.
A strange fear..
something big and small
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A Strange fear...... I had a strange childhood due to my close bonding with cold and fever. As they were my frequently appearing guests, other usual guests of those days often hesitated to come to me. So interestingly l don't have those usual playful childhood stories to deliver. Honestly l don't have any adventerous real stories to keep you tight to your seats. What l can tell you is a story of a small big strange fear..... I was in my fourth grade when a tragic thing happened to me. My classteacher made me the class leader! You people might be shocked by this kind of illustration. But l can't help! I think it will be boring to tell you what were my duties but would like to share one of my duty. After the class I am the person who is assigned to close all the windows and put up the window curtain in the proper manner. One day,my force on this curtain exceeded by a small amount which ended up in the breaking of curtain stand. Oh my god l couldn't imagine that certain moment, I felt asif l had done an unforgettable crime. The facial expression of my co-leader aggravated the situation. What l can tell you all is, the next day was a terrible day dream for me after a sleepless night! A strange fear struck me. My PT sir suddenly became the merciless villain in my story. My friends ' depiction regarding the punishment that he would grant to me for the "unforgivable crime"added masala to my violent logicless story. I was not able to bear a gentle look of teachers towards that broken stand,their casual question regarding the incident. Even their not so angry look on me appeared disastrous to me. The whole day passed out without the arrival of pT sir. But what about tomorrow. The first hour is PT itself. I was completly shattered. My state of mind invited my frequent guests who visited me tonight. But even they too coudn't save me from the next day's PT hour. The PT sir arrived with heavy footsteps to my classroom. My heart was beating harder.. harder.... What would have happened??? Can you all guess. Since l am not going to disclose it right now as l wish to keep it a mystery.......A mysterious climax of my strange fear!

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