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kavi Ramya
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Inspiration, Love, Mythology, Romance, Spiritual, Thriller. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since October 7, 2020.
kavi Ramya
A Superwoman!!!
Super woman....
  5 Mins Read

Kind note: This story is not intended to hurt anyone's feelings or emotions. Please ignore if any resemblance of characters found.

Hi!! I am a wandering soul searching for a suitable mother who can upbring me well and end this life and death cycle. God promised me to give me Salvation(Moksh) post this life on one condition i.e., (that is) to do this time only good deeds and balance my account of good and bad doings(punya and paap). After one year of my search, I finally found my suitable would be mother. *******Light shimmered which was invisible to the would be mother Kavya***** Hi! I am inside my mother's womb now. Wow!! I am so tiny. "Congratulations! Kavya you are 3 months pregnant. Time to celebrate the new little member's entry very soon." said the Doctor who tested me inside my mother. Oops! Mama I am burping. I liked the food you ate. It is very soft and made me feel good. Thank you Mama! Love you. *******4th month******* Look Mama my heart is beating!! I am growing inside you well with nutrition and you are boosting my energy. Don't be afraid Mama. We will go through this. Come-on, you are stronger. Mama!! Because of my growth inside you, you are puking and feeling low. After I come out I will not trouble you. "Doctor!! I want the gender test to be done. I think you would have received a call from my bestie. Can you do this?" said would be father's mother who secretly brought my mom Kavya to clinic without her consent. My mom doesn't knew for what she came. "Mama! Granny(Kavya's mother in law) is lying that she brought you for general checkup. She is a traitor. I don't like her. She is trying to check my gender. Very bad. Please don't go near that doctor." I cried but mama can't hear me. I came to know with my god gifted special power as I can hear others intentions through it. It became a boon but also a curse as I am unable to help myself. After 15 minutes... "It is a female foetus. I mean Kavya is going to deliver a female child. I have checked her twice." informed the doctor to my bad Granny. "Terminate pregnancy. My son should not know. Be careful. You will get what you want. Sedate her and abort her baby who is of no use. Now!!" she said. No! No! No! Please mama. Stop them. They are plotting against you. I will lose you forever mama. I have to go through a long process to reach you again. I don't want to leave you. Please god! Help my mama. She is innocent. Doctor who should be a life saver is going to be my killer. She is murdering me. Even she is a women, how can she do such a merciless act? Oh no! Stop! Please stop. If you kill me my mother can't live. She is attached to me without seeing my gender. She is not biased like you. Stop it. Don't sedate her. Please, I beg you. I cried and cried but I was not heard. God! Why can't I talk from my mother's womb and stop this crime? Why do you create us in this way where we are suffering a lot? What mistake did I do? They are killing me before I enter their world. Mama(Kavya) got an awkward feeling when Doctor was trying to sedate her saying some kind of reason for baby development. She sensed danger when her mother-in-law sighed to the Doctor in a different gesture with a wicked smile. She did not allow her to give injection and threw it breaking the needle. She ran out and called for help. Doctor was caught and beaten black and blue by the nearby people as she revealed the entire truth. Mama cried a lot for trusting her mother in law who was trying to kill me inside my mom. She called dad and informed everything. But to her shock, dad did not take her side after knowing it was a girl baby thinking about his reputation in his family circles. He told Mama to come home and discuss. My mama understood by dad's cold behavior that he is not going to support her. She filed a complaint against my dad and granny that they are trying to harm me. I felt sad that because of me, mama had left my dad and her relations. We lived separately by taking minimal help from my mom's parents. She had a super power to be strong even when she was unable to see her future bright. She faced a lot of difficulties when she carried me. She said to herself everytime when she felt low "This is not permanent. This shall pass. You will see your baby face and you will forget all your sorrows. Pray god and he is there to look after you and baby! Be positive." said to herself. I felt like weeping when she felt low.  In the Seventh month... Mama's mother came to stay with us. She became my mom's helping hand. She took nice care of us. I listened to devotional music  played by my granny which calmed my fears that I remembered at times due to the sins I committed in last life. When I kicked mom to adjust myself in her tummy, she smiled and caressed me telling naughty girl! Go slow! Granny too loved those moments and Grandpa captured that precious moments in his camera. They did a baby shower for me. All have showered their blessings irrespective of gender. I loved it as I came to know that there are other people who treated us equally whether I am male or female. In the Eighth month... I rolled in her tummy and swam in her amniotic sac when she moved from left to right when she slept on her sides. She felt like fish swimming in aquarium. She told her parents and shared her excitement by making them touch her womb. I gave a kick on her tummy to make them laugh. In the Ninth month end... Oh mama! Your legs are swollen. Bear with me. I will come out in a week. Be ready. On the day of delivery... Mama! Mama! Please. Push me out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Mama! Please. I will try from my side. God! Where are you? Please help my mom who is suffering a lot physically to bring me to the world.  "Dear Baby!! It is time for you to move out of her womb. Come out! It is time for you to make your this life worthy." said God appearing before me caressing my head with love. Finally I am out with a huge cry that made me forget what did I do inside my mom's womb? ◆My mom had a special power of patience with which she waited till the last moment of her delivery that my dad would come and apologize her and make everything like before. She was ready to forgive him for my sake. As she wants motherly and fatherly love to shower upon me. ◆She has the power of gathering her shattered self confidence after I born as she had a load of responsibility to nourish me and well educate me. ◆She has the power of smiling at me and loving me inspite of she , suffering a lot and crying deep inside heart. ◆She has the power of sacrificing her comfortable life with my dad for my sake and chose to protect me without thinking for a moment and never she repented for it. She is a superwoman for me!! Love you mom!! ************ Kavya's baby was named Shakti to make her remember she was special to her. Some of the people consider women to be weak at heart and they think emotionally. But we forget that god made them so to take care of their offsprings and everyone. They have the capacity to mould themselves for good. They are the sculptor of our future. Dedicated to all women who have the special powers of patience,love and sacrificial nature for their loved ones. SAVE THE GIRL CHILD!!

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