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Kolla Malleswari
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Comedy, Crime, Drama, Inspiration, Love, Romance. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since June 12, 2020.
Kolla Malleswari
A Tablet Story
My crazy behaviour
  2 Mins Read

I once had malaria when I was 11 years old. With that my parents took me to the hospital and showed me to the doctor. The doctor checked and gave me injections and tablets and told me to rest at home for twenty days without going to school. Since then my parents have taken care of me at home without sending me to school. Medications were given on time. But for me taking tablets means fear and irritability. That's why I lied that my mother had taken the tablet with them and threw the tablet out. One day while cleaning, my mother saw the tablets I had dropped. With that she called me and scolded me and gave a warning not to do this again. I said okay and left. But the next day I had an idea. So I took the tablets from that day and put them in a water bottle at the back of our house and poured water in it. With that the tablets melted. Doing so on a daily basis ever since. If my mother asks, i lied simply that I had taken the tablets. One day my father brought a tractor to plow our farm. That evening the tractor ran out of diesel. As the tractor driver wondered what to do, he found a bottle of water under the steps of our house. The water in the bottle had already turned to diesel color due to the tablets, so he looked at it and put it in the tractor as if it were diesel. To be honest I didn’t say that for fear if my mom would hit me. But the driver is tense about what happened when the tractor does not start then i tell the truth they are water mixed with tablets..... Immediately my mom angrily took a stick and came to hit me. I ran for fear that my mom would hit me. So I ran and ran and finally I climbed a mango tree and hid from my mom. My mom called for a long time and went home as I didn't replied. I slept in that tree all day as well. As it was getting dark my dad and mom was calling me out loud with tension and I got up and went downstairs and home when my dad told me to make sure my mom didn’t hit me. Atlast with my crazy behaviour, my caring mom shocks a lot and laughed a lot. Kolla Malleswari B.Tech final year student Vemu Institute Of Technology

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