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It's Time for Devil Story
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Abandoned House One day, I and my parents were searching for a house to rent, as the house which we are living in is so far from my school and dad's office. After a long search we found a house it is also close to my school and dad's office Everything is clear but one thing I didn't like about that house was, right behind the house there was an abandoned house. Usually, I am not scared about these things but the house was really so scary. I said to my mom: Mom, couldn't dad find any other house? I didn't like my room because I can see the creepy abandoned house from my room window. My mom to me: You should know the struggle of your dad to find a house. Me: Ok mom. Then we will exchange our rooms. You take my room and I will take yours. I don't want to stay in this room. I hate it. Mom: Don't be stupid ok! Instead of focusing on these things, help me to set the house and also set your room the way you like. Look there is a lot of work to be taken care of. Come on, now be a good girl and help me to set the house. Me: Whatever I do, I am not getting a master bedroom ahh! I thought. After some days I got habituated to use my room. One day, like every day, after my dinner, I came to my room to sleep. Suddenly I gazed out through my room window. Seeing out, I was Shocked..... I immediately went to my mom's room and called my mom. Mom: Ahh! What happened? why are you shouting? Your father has slept and you are shouting like this. He will get disturbed. Me: Mom once came to my room. I and my Mom went to my room Mom: What happened? Me: Mom I saw a person standing there in that abandoned house. I and My mom saw towards that house, but there was no one. Mom: Where? There was no one standing there. Me: Mom, I saw a person. Mom: Oh! See dear there was no one. Me: But, mom, really I saw a person standing there. Mom: Ahh! Ok but remember that these are your holidays. I think some of your friends are fooling you. Me: Ahh! I forgot. Maybe. Mom: Ok, now be a good girl, and sleep. After that, my mom went to her room. I thought that someone is fooling me and thought to find out who is doing it? So I thought to go to that abandoned house and find out who is that person fooling me? (Next day night, I have completed my dinner and thought to go to that abandoned house) I went to that abandoned house. As I thought it's really too scary, I slowly went upstairs, where I saw the person. I went there. But there is no one I saw towards my room. Suddenly the lights were switched on. I thought, maybe mom came to my room but it's not my mom... I saw a person in my room and got shocked. The person is looking exactly like me. I went downstairs and tried to open the door. But it is not opening at all. Again I went upstairs. Suddenly mom came to my room. I tried to call her but she is not listening to me. And after some time, my mom left my room. Again I went downstairs to open the door, but it did not open. That night, I stayed in that abandoned house. Next Morning, My mom came to my room and again I tried to call her. But again she didn't listen to me. And even that day got finished. That night, again my mom came to my room. But I was not there in my room. My mom searched the total house for me. She saw outside the house and got shocked, as the ghost is eating some animal outside the house. Seeing the ghost coming into the house, my mom came to my room and hid behind the room door. The ghost directly went to take shower. My mom came and sat on my bed. She looked towards the window and saw me in the abandoned house. She was shocked. Meanwhile, the ghost came from the shower and asked my mom, "What happened, mom? Why you came to my room?" Mom replied: Nothing. Your father got injured. So we have to go to the mart to buy some medicines. So I thought you will accompany me. Ghost: Yes mom. Sure, I will come with you. Mom: Ok, then get ready. I will be waiting in the car. Come soon. Ghost: Ok mom. I will come in 5 minutes. I saw my mom and ghost going out. Mom: Do you know dear, how much your father loves you? Ghost: Yes, mom. I know. Mom: Yesterday, only he recalled your childhood. He still remembered that you like playing with dolls and toys. Did you remember you have had a doll? Ghost: Yeah mom. Mom: Your father still remembered that doll's name as Sara. Ghost: Yeah, I remember. I have played with that doll. I love it so much. My mom stopped the car immediately. Mom: But my daughter doesn't like dolls. Saying this my mom turned to the ghost. Ghost: What are you talking mom? I am your daughter. Mom: No, you are not my daughter. My daughter was stuck in that abandoned house. Ghost: So you know the truth? Ghost tried to attack my mom. But, my mom escaped. She quickly came out of the car, locked it and poured petrol on the total car and fired it... Then she immediately came to that abandoned house and took me out. Later, we got the information from our neighbors that there was an old lady who eats all humans so the house was locked. I and my family immediately got shifted to another house. It is an incident that happened in my life! - SAISIRI

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