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I always write to bring out the realities hidden around me. I love writing and listening to what people wanna share. Writing give me relief and I do continue that even if I'm not the best in it.
Again The Same..
Back to the starting point....
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A very fine day, Things turned out, All good with a blush. Another fone night, Again it turned out, All wrong. This happens, Almost for everyone, Even me, But things, Gave surprises, And hope, Turning it back, To a fine beautiful life. **************************************** Hurdles and troubles, Part of life, Or its phase, Shows their hardest time. Love or lust, Turned off, Freedom to open up, Changed off to fears, Happy talks turn, Fights and reasons- For tears and sorrows. Life is a riddle, Sometimes hard to win, Loosing, not that easy, Even it needs courage, Giving up, Is far more tough. Again after a while, Took me back, To that same point, From where I started, This new journey, With the soul, Whom I trusted, To be the one most, Supporting- But................................. Still it's fine, Realisations, Sometimes late, Is still worthy, B'cause it's never, The end, But maybe, A way opening up, For a new beginning....

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