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ravi bukya
ravi bukya
ammai kalalu
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My daughter Megha told me this story, I think she heard it from my mother. She wanted to contribute to my blog so she asked me to post it - this one is for her. Hope you enjoy it. Anaganaga was a girl in a village. Pitiki regular cow's milk, the girl went to sell town.Gadupukunedi money coming days. One day, a bit more than the usual cow gave more milk. It is very glad to see the girl. Drip, drip, which carries a large part of the day urivaipu bayaludyarindi filled in the head. I'm happy the way many of the assumptions knitting began walking. "Today is the day for me to give cow's milk given day is more than the income. I will come to that without spending a mutalo dacestanu adhikapu income. Mutalo that would be a lot of money in a few days. Avuni shall then another. Thus, in a few days so my deggira are a lot of cows. They'll palerallanu cusukotani. I will not need to go to town on a regular basis yendu said. Then I became even whiter. And looked for a new silk saree. I have seen very beautiful new silk ciralo. .Popularly Up ciraku bangles, also looked chain. But marriage yevarintlonaina village, well off the wedding and making new silk saris, jewelry set, go in jadalo flowers. There are a lot of relationships that I have seen a lot of sparkling dhaga dhaga said. But occur to me that I did not agree with the wait until " Hard thinking to do something that you do not agree with the shakes across the head. More than the weight of the head on the day mosedanikanna vundanna forgot something. Talaninci dhadelumani point lying shattered. Nelapalayyayi palanni. Ammaledu the palu, garner more money, avulu konaledu, palerallani held, silk sari-edged, edged glass - there were romances uhincinavanni. If, instead of the diligent work of the day who dreams did mourn the girl had to go back home.

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