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Ann Mary Jose
I primarily read Drama, Fiction, Inspiration, Thriller, Travelogue stories and poetry in english. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since November 13, 2020.
Ann Mary Jose
An October Evening
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Do u know the speciality of Octobers?During this month nature seems the most beautiful,whether it be the snow filled mornings in which trees open their watery eyes lazily or the dark red evening horizons in which sun draws a new design each day,everything seems a delight for eyes.This month has one more speciality.Sun go back to sleep early in the evening so that it would be much darkness outside too early and as a child I feared darkness among the other many fearful things.Because I don't know at that time that darkness is not completely dark,but light comes within a short time in any utter darkness...

It was such an evening in which it was dark even before night."Achacha,please don't go now!"I cried in vain before my elder brother.He was going to our uncle's house two house apart from ours.I don't want to go out now,because it's too dark outside...Also I don't want him to go there without me...He said nothing.Within a short time I heard the noise of front door opening and closing. I rushed to the front and without any thought stepped out of the house.I really move faster as I want to catch up with him so that I will not be alone in the darkness.In that idea without any prior thinking I started following him.Actually I can't seem him clearly,feels like I'am following a shadow."Achacha...Achacha...stop... I'am also coming with you."I screamed these words repeatedly.But he neither stop nor seems to heard my words.He moves on.But I continue following the shadow. Suddenly,he stops at the division between two houses and moves towards the darkness filled there.Now my brain starts working and the result produced suddenly,a fear got generated from my toe to head...I feels like being motionless.Is I'am really following my brother itself? If so why should he changed his way?This is not anyway the way to uncle's house.Is it someone else?Or achacha is trying to fear me?Should I follow him?In a second I thought all these things..Eventhough people are there inside the houses near me I feel like alone.'No,I'll go back to house and will say to mummy that Achacha had tried to fear me'.In seconds I decided and ran towards the house.It feels like my house is some far away because I am not reaching there.I ran and ran till I reach inside our house. "What happened?"Achacha asked.From the shock of seeing him there and the fatigue of running, eventhough I want to ask a lot of questions,I asked nothing.After the repeated questions from my family,I narrate the incident and asked my brother,"why you didn't stopped?" Achacha replied by making me calm:"No my dear,I was in the backyard... Why should I make you ran like that " that fear that made me motionless a few seconds ago came back after hearing this and now the reason for it is known. Then whom I was following!!!! -Ann Mary Jose Msc Maths St Teresa's College, Kerala

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