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Minna Miriya Cemarajh
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Love, Mythology, Romance. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since December 9, 2020.
Minna Miriya Cemarajh
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Rachel Trivia is the new blog sensation read today's headlines. My recent blog, the one given below was noticed and read on a high scale. The blog went like this: Vibe cafe was the new buzz in town. A safe spot for couples as well as office-sitters to take a minute or two to forget about everything and enjoy. Being a food blogger, I was so curious about it that I decided to visit the cafe and give my review on it. "Hi, I like to have all your specials on the menu" So one such fine evening I went over and told my most common order. I thought they might freak out to see a lady, all alone .... ordering so much food but I'm glad to say; their service was really good! " Sure ma'am! Do you want small portions or regular portions? And could you please tell me your name?" " Small portions would be fine and the name is Rachel Trivia." I was taken to be seated after the waiter told me that the food will be served shortly. The one thing I noticed was that nobody was on the phone; they all were enjoying the calm atmosphere there. They had a rule like ' customer can use phones till their food is served after that if it's used they'll have to pay extra 20-50 rupees or so.' I mean that actually nice. I really think that people are starting to lose their humanity and emotions and they are instead substituted with emojis and gifs. I started to wander my eyes around when I found something; an old lady was drinking her tea and snacks all alone with a framed photo placed on the opposite chair facing her. She was low-key chattering, looking at the photo occasionally as she ate. I moved into the next table to get a closer look at her. The photo seemed to be her husband. I could now hear her describing her tea and how carefree this generation is compared to theirs. I kind of felt sorry for her and I guess so did the others who noticed this. I thought of striking up a conversation with her but my food arrived. But something happened.....and it surprised me. I did saw a few college students at the cafe sitting a few tables away from me and all of them came over to the old lady. "Mind if we join you? We-" I heard one of them say. I assume she said yes because they all sat down and started to chat with her. You should have seen the million-volt smile she had plastered on her facing after being in the company of the youngsters. They were still asking her a lot of questions which she answered as humorously as possible when I left. The simple act that those youngsters did change my opinion. Humanity was not all lost. It was just misplaced. They made me believe in it again. Their ability to ingnore their phones and give company to an old stranger lady all alone in the cafe who lost her husband a week ago was just the spark one needed to regain the belief in humanity. Being human is given but keeping humanity is our choice. A choice that should be appreciated and respected. And by the way...the cafe was given 4.6/5 reviw on my blog so go check it out for the full story. - @Rachel.fdblog.Trivia It was the first time I guess a food blogger was appreciated in our city ( No offense!). For some people we, the food bloggers might be a group of people who look forward to free invites from impressive restaurants but for us, we are a bunch of fanatics who love food, devour every bit of bit, and do not mind spending a few grand every month in search of good food. There are some things we find difficult like Eating is a lot easier. When it comes down to writing a review, the names of the dishes are forgotten. Things become vague and the human in you starts to argue with the food blogger in you. We do try to keep it short and simple but end up writing a lot more......As soon as the dish is served, numerous DSLRs and smart phones with flashing lights can be seen all around just to get that perfect shot.Not to forget, our smart phones’ memory is over-flooded with pictures of the amazing food we have....etc Writing a food blog requires a lot of patience. You go through repeated sessions of error and trials. You need a deeper understanding of photography and the ability to create a story. Above all the passion for food and the zeal to be a recognized voice is what drives a food blog. There are a few female bloggers especially food bloggers such as Devaki Sonawala, Mukulika Sengupta, Namrata Ghate, Pooja Mohanty, Tina Basu, etc... who left their full-time corporate jobs and became food bloggers. I read somewhere that behind every man's success is a woman...but let me raise my opinion: women are not just to be kept behind a man... She should be shown off....for all the skills and pains she under took. And to make it even let me say; behind every successful woman, there is her family's which includes, dad's.... mom's ..... siblings...... Husband's..... children's support and care even if the society won't support her. Today's blog is all about appreciating women ....in all categories. This is just a sample dose blog for the women's day that is to be celebrated on 8 March! Stay tuned for more updates! - Rachel.fdblog.Trivia Minna Miriya Cemarajh B.voc food processing technology 1 DC student St.teresa's college, Ernakulam

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