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I write Prose in english. My work is in Comedy, Crime, Thriller, love genres. I write both stories and series. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since January 1, 2021.
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-You may not be the first love of my life but you made sure to be the last one.. -You bring out the most mature person out, by behaving like a baby with me.. -The way you take me away from any sadness by cracking my favourite, lame jokes for hours and hours together.. -The way you understand that physical intimacy is not everything, cuddling is enough for us.. -The way we both get emotional when we see true love anywhere and everywhere.. -The way we search for each other in college and smile looking at each other.. -The way you call me beautiful when am wearing a sheet mask at home.. -The way you make fun of my voice when I have cold.. -The way you made me a writer of love genre bringing me out of crime, thriller and horror ones all the time.. -The way you give me company in a call when am driving alone.. -I love the way you are the first one to wish me on the all the festivals.. -The way you include me in all your drinking plans and travel plans like a buddy.. -The one word "EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE", the one long hug and the one kiss on the forehead just pulls me towards you.. -The way we don't have any promises to fullfill in this relationship.. -The way you pull my cheeks from behind all the time but I don't know why I don't allow others to do it.. -The way we rub our nose together.. -The way this relationship is not built on "I LOVE YOU" but on "I AM THERE WITH YOU.." -The way you push me forward to face all my troubles on my own and later make fun of how I tackled it.. -Its very cute the way you saved my name as "DUMBO✨😇" in your phone.. -The way you play with my hair when I sleep in ur arms.. - I love our PDA, "PUBLIC DISPLAY OF ACTIONS" in the mentions of our instagram stories and posts.. -Your neck kiss just makes my day, every day.. -Our long walk, holding hands, with hoodies, early in the morning, full of fog, talking nonsense, looking at each other and laughing at lame jokes when we meet after a long time feels so good.. - The way we check out hot guys together makes my taste better.. -The way you understand my double meaning jokes and hit your he.. -The way I snatch your hoodie when I feel cold.. -The way we kissed in a triple XL T-shirt.. -The hug you give and sleep on me while you make me drive the bike.. -I don't know is it right or wrong to celebrate mother's day twice a year as your birthday is also a mother's day for me.. -The way we kick box and gym together makes me fall for you for each and every punch.. -The reality check you give me whenever I start flying into the air.. - The way we don't need a third wheel while patching up after the fight as we still remain friends.. -The way you use my moisturizer for your skin smoothening like how I use your perfume for your smell.. -The way we twin our night suits while sleeping.. -The way you thaught me to shave your beard.. -The way people envy our long distance relationship when we have to travel for our work.. -The way we never talk about "FOREVER", "REST OF YOUR LIFE" and "I MISS YOU" rather talk about "LETS GO OUT", "EAT THIS LAST BITE", "DON'T CHANGE THE CHANNEL" and many more.. -The way you help in washing and arranging the vessels after we cook together.. -The way you make puppy face when I sit to eat for dinner and smile as soon as I feed you.. -The way you have tears in your eyes as well when I melt down in your arms.. - The unforgettable ritual of fasting for each other in the name of diet for a whole day on "KARVACHAUTH" the ritual of love.. -The way your heart beats fast till today from the day I fell in love with you.. -The way we don't cut the call after a thousand good byes.. -The way you hug me and say "I HATE YOU TOO" when in anger I say, "I HATE YOU" -The way we both have a black thread on our leg to not let any evil eye effect our relationship..

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