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I write Prose in english. My work is in Comedy, Crime, Thriller, love genres. I write both stories and series. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since January 1, 2021.
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-The way you look at me and smile every morning.. -The way I get distracted in the class when your around me.. -The way you hug me from behind.. -The way you stop me from going away but later drop me back with a good bye kiss.. -Your drive to do something amazing in life.. -The way you annoy me and later the cute behaviour of yours to make me laugh.. -The way you hold my cheeks and look into my eyes.. -The way you love to hold me through my love handles and smile.. -The cute faces we make when we are together looking at eachother.. -The way you look at me and laugh when I close my eyes during a kiss.. -The way we are still together when we don't message each other every day.. -The way we make and share food together.. -The way we give a hi-fi to each other when ever we meet.. -The genuineness you have in your words.. -The way you impressed me with your words and not pick up lines.. -The way we discussed everything on our first phone call.. -The way your so independent in this age.. -The way you suddenly start cuddling with me when I am in the online class.. -The way you become naughty and kiss when am about to give my attendance in the class.. -The way you hold me and when I say its ticklish you tickle me more.. -The way you act like a sofa before we start cuddling and kiss me on my head.. -The way you love my sleepy face.. -The way you irritate me infront of people by hitting me on my head.. -The way you annoy me and then take my hit on your shoulder and cutely complain about it later.. -The naughty conversations we have in our night calls are the best part.. -They way you didn't start our relationship with a mask of friendship.. -The way we vibe by singing together in the call.. -The way you pull my nose and make me feel normal about my big nose.. -Your cute reaction to what I write for you.. -The way you understand everything but make me feel good about my mistakes by reminding me about my efforts.. -The way you held my hips when I pressed the brakes of the bike all of the sudden and apologized for it.. -The way you ask for consent always before going forward with anything..

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