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I primarily read Comedy, Crime, Thriller stories and poetry in english. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since November 16, 2020.
Back To Old Days
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I sometimes think if time travel was possible. If so it would have been wonderful,we could go back to the good old memories of ours. Here our story begins, It was around six or seven years ago,I remember when I went to a lake with my cousins. They were all around my age. We were all little kids. We just went there without asking permission from our parents. We all reached there and played for some time. Sun was going to set so we decided to go back. When we reached home there was a real mess!.Oh my God! Our parents were really mad at us. They scolded us and we were all silent. They were all worried and shouted at us. One of my cousin even got slapped. Luckily I survived!. But after some time our parents cooled down and they consoled us. Thinking about that time,it gives me chills even now. However it was a precious experience in my life. Although I don't remember all parts it still gives me goosebumps!. Whenever I think about that time I could feel the excitement through my nerves. I often think 'Wow,what a wonderful experience it was'. Childhood memories are treasures but we only realise it after so many years. We should never stop thinking about our childhood. For each and everyone it would an amazing experience. Sreepriya P BSc Physics St Teresa's College Eranakulam

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