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I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, Fiction, Folklore, Historical Fiction, Inspiration, Mythology, Thriller, Travelogue. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since November 19, 2020.
Barber in the House
Childhood memories are always fun and hilarious. Let's plunge into one.
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We were just two girls in the house, me and my younger sister. But we two were more than enough to turn the house upside down. My sister was just a year younger than me so we more like best pals. We together have done so many crazy things that often we get things out of our hands. We had these crazy mad wonderful ideas to implement that we would be waiting for the perfect hour to execute it and that would be when our parents are out. The fun and the mischief would create a festive atmosphere in the house when no one is there to control. It was a day like this when that happened. I was six years old and my sister was five. We were playing with our dolls doing its hairs and stuff and then this brilliant idea lightened in my head, "wouldn't it be fun if I was a barber. All those snips and snaps when scissors ran across the hair". Oh! I was so desperate to try it out. Now I needed a customer and there she was my beloved sister! In contrary to that she did not have much hair, there were only small strands merely covering her head. She almost looked like an EASTER EGG. But I didn't think of these things, all I wanted was to cut her hair. Of course, she didn't allow it for the first time but I was her sister and I knew how to convince her. I started to cut from the front all the way back to the sides. To and fro, right and left the scissors ran across her head like a soccer ball. Snip... snap... snip... snap... snip... snap and finally I was done! I held my head high, a feeling of pride and satisfaction. I was in seventh heaven since I became a barber. But I couldn't hold my head high for long after seeing the disaster on the floor. There was a hairy mess on the floor and there stood my sister with a haircut as a rat gnawed through it. With my heart pumping like a motor I grabbed a broom and swept all the hair into the storeroom and hid the hair under the broom stick and told my sister not to tell the truth. A few hours later, my parents came and I tried to act as of nothing had happened. But how can we hide something from the CIDs of our house-our moms? She figured the crime site, the crime, even the weapons used, and finally the culprit. Then the usual questionnaire started, I was an expert in making up stories and presented a brilliant one. "A barber trespassed into the house, tied up my hands, taped my mouth, and just cut off her hair". When I finished my cooked-up story I saw my parents in the storeroom holding the broom. The investigation was done, I was arrested along with the evidence. Except for some harsh words, they didn't come up with further punishments. But it was my sister who had to suffer. She didn't have enough hair and the barber inside me made it worse. She couldn't face others with a 'rat gnawed haircut' so our parents decided to bald her. Everything was going fine until they decided to bald me too. After all, I was the mastermind behind it. I was devastated, I cried and pleaded but no one minded. At the last, I who dreamt of being a barber ended in front of a barber!!! Authored by, Aleena. V.S 1st Year Physics St.Teresas Autonomous College, Ernakulam

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