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kavi Ramya
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Inspiration, Love, Mythology, Romance, Spiritual, Thriller. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since October 7, 2020.
kavi Ramya
Bloody Roses!
All love stories don't have happy endings!
  7 Mins Read

All love stories do not have Happy endings...

"Hey! Did you see the red color dress that I wore yesterday? Do you know who gifted it?" asked Ria. "I...I... want to say something special to you...Can you give me a moment? I...." said Rohan feeling tensed. "Wow! Did you see that? What beautiful scenery!! You brought me here to show these waterfalls and rainbow right. Nature has a lot of beauty in it, right?" asked Ria interrupting Rohan who was about to complete his say... "I don't love you! I mean it" said Rohan surprisingly and shockingly to Ria... Startled Ria took a moment to process the words which he said..."What? come again? Did you say I don't love you?...Who asked for your love?" said confused Ria... "I mean you were the one who told Dia that you love me, you want to go for a trip with me and Dia, as your last wish that needs to be fulfilled yesterday..." said Rohan frowning... "Dude! Dia is my best friend and you too...When you celebrated my birthday yesterday I felt like asking my last wish on my special day...For a girl/woman...love differs...I mean a girl loving boy doesn't need to be the love which you and most of the guys expect... Most of them have more emotions and express different ways in love...suppose mother's love, brother's love sister's love., BFF (best friends forever) kinda(kind of) love... Hope you had got your clarity" said Ria going in search of Dia... ********* "I said what you wanted me to say! Are you happy about separating us? What will you get by doing this? you are my sister Dia.. you can't do this to me!! I love Ria.." yelled Rohan on Dia who hid beside the tree to listen to their conversation... ************* 10 minutes back before Rohan met Ria... "Dia! why did you bring me here? I need to talk to her...I planned big for my proposal..you are delaying it...ok don't be jealous...I know I am not able to give you much attention as before...I promise once we accept each other with this bond "Love", I will reveal to her that you are my sister and apologize to both of you for troubling...Now, let me go..she is waiting there.." said Rohan eagerly "No, you are going to say I don't love you! You are never going to meet her again in your life...Promise me...I say Promise on me...." ordered Dia "Why are you doing this to me? you supported till now then why not now? why have you turned against me? why? don't do this to me... I cannot live without her"pleaded Rohan "Do as I say or you will see my dead face! you know me right! I tried committing suicide once... it's not a big deal for me..." said Dia "Don't decide in haste. I will do as you say. You are the only one relation who is left in this world for me. I can't lose you" said Rohan helplessly... Present: "It was destined...She is not the correct match for you. Stop thinking about her now...Just move on" said Dia who seemed unaffected by the conversation that had just happened... Dia turned and started walking swiftly...when Rohan saw this attitude of her, said to his conscience," where is my little sister who was generous, kind, and good-hearted? why did she turn into cruel-hearted? why is this sudden change?? Please come back, Sis...I need you.." There is something fishy. My inner voice is not accepting just what I saw now... Next morning: "I need to leave!" said Ria who was about to leave with luggage... "Even me! Maybe I can drop you on my way. come " said Dia before Rohan could react anything. "Take care! Bye!" was the last words which Rohan heard from Ria He felt like his heart being pulled from his body. He wanted to run behind her and stop her but couldn't as he promised Dia. He became lifeless the very next moment. Rohan read Ria's eyes that she wanted to say something but could not... But he stuck to his promise and his estate. 6 months passed "Brother! can you please come to ****** hospital. It is very important urgent..please come" wept Dia "What happened to you? Are you ok? I am coming.. don't cry!" said Rohan On reaching the hospital, he saw Ria lying there with a clean shaved head unconscious in a comatose state with pipes and IV surrounded... She seemed to be fighting like a warrior for her life from fate... "Hey Ria! wake up! what happened to you? when ... please get up...I can't see you in this condition... please open your eyes!!😢" said Rohan crying bitterly for his love... He clasped her face and kissed her forehead... Dia took him out and said, "Sorry...This is all because of me...I told you not to tell her that you love her...I want you to break that promise now...go run to her... she has very little time... Express your love... don't miss making memories with her...Run!! before it's too late..." "I love you!! I love you!! wake up" shouted Rohan to Ria in agony... "Please don't! Her vitals are unstable...I am not getting a pulse. Bring the machine... Ready...1 2 3!!" said renowned cardiologist to assistant stopping Rohan "No sir!" confirmed the nurse. "Try one more time! 1..2..3...hard..." said the doctor... "huhhhhhhhhh! " jumped Ria in the air for a moment.. she started responding and finally vitals were becoming stable... "She is back!! Don't worry but she needs time to recover completely..." assured the doctor with a feeble smile and walked away... "Doctor! Thank you for saving her...She is my everything..." said Rohan to the doctor who was going away "Is she everything to you? If so, you would not have left her in this pathetic state! " said the doctor with pain in his eyes... "Uncle! My brother does not know anything about her plight..please stop! Ria took the word from me!" interrupted Dia... "What? what are you both talking about?" cried Rohan... "You go! I will explain to you in detail at home!" said Dia... "Stop it! At least now tell the truth, Dia. I have the right to know about her" said Rohan remembering the moments spent with her... "Ria had cancer for which she left you so that you don't bear the pain which she is bearing alone now... she loved you more than anything... A week before her birthday night, she felt dizzy and started puking blood... She visited the doctor none other than her father who is in front of you...I accompanied her...We thought it to be a small issue but....it turned out to be life-threatening...By the time we knew, she was in the Second stage.." said Dia with uncontrollable tears. "I told her to tell you everything but she took a promise from us and made Dia speak rudely and take a promise from u...I am trying all the possibilities I can...now only your love and God's mercy may help...I lost hope...You try with love as treatment... I am sure she will respond..." said the terrified father alias doctor... Rohan walked to Ria's room in despair.." she loves you" words started ringing in his ears... "you cheated me! How can you do this to me?? Why did you take away my love? I want to know! speak! Speak Ria! I am not going to leave you so easily...I will make you fine...Once you recover, I am going to punish you" said Rohan like a small boy crying for a snatched toy... Ria started responding...Maybe the guilt of not telling him the truth started to disappear which made her feel better day by day... After six months... They spent days together making lovable memories... She recovered and was about to be discharged... On discharge day: "Hey! Can you give me those roses? My lover loves these a lot...No! not the red ones! White ones!" purchased Rohan hurriedly and started rushing to the hospital... Dia, Ria, and her father waited at the hospital entrance for him to pick up Ria as she wanted to start afresh life with him... Waiting became long and long...Her Dad got disappointed and started to dial his number that went unanswered... Dia received a call. A Guy told her to come to ***... She took Ria and her dad along as it was too late in the evening... On arriving there, she found her brother lying in a pool of blood with roses that turned blood red from white...Ria lost consciousness for a moment who was held by her father... "He met with fatal accident trying to save a girl...Alas! He died on spot" said the pedestrian who saw the incident and brought him there to the hospital... Ria somehow gained consciousness and took the card that was lying next to Rohan... She opened it and started to read with tears-filled eyes. I wanted to punish you after I came to know the reason for leaving me but I can't... Because I love you...I want to be with you... Ria! Dear! Love doesn't always need to give us happiness, it can also give hardships and sorrow at times. It is up to us whether we want to face it by being together or not...It is wrong on your part to make your own decision to leave me without letting me know the reason... You should have given me a chance to express my emotions...I lost the chance of being your support and express my love by standing beside you in this critical time... You did not love me wholeheartedly...if you did, you would have told me and would have asked me to be with you in every phase of your life... Imagine if this would have happened to me. What would you do if I did the same with you? But it's ok... Let bygones be bygones...as I only know to love you and don't know how to hate you... Let us make a fresh start and fall in love again together... Your Punishment is to love me more than I Love you, Darling!! Will you be my lifelong partner in this new journey called Marriage?? - Your Everlasting Love Ro(Rohan) After completing the reading, "No!!" yelled Ria from the heart and felt like her world shattered to pieces... After a few minutes... "Rohan! You have already given me a punishment by leaving me physically....come back...come back...I can't live without you...please I beg you, dad!! Do something!! Make him alive as you made me!!! " said Ria breaking the silence which covered her ... It took more than a year for Ria to come out from depression and trauma...She tried to get back to normal life post counseling sessions...But still felt bad and guilt for not telling Rohan how much she loves and how much she missed him properly... Note: We have a very short life than we expect.. please spend the time with your loved ones...Never know which second will be your last second in this world!!! Don't ignore them...Once gone, there is No way you can come back...Leave such memories that they remember happily even after you...Live happily!!! Leave this world with the satisfaction of Happiness!!! Don't carry emotional baggage. The End.

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