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I always write to bring out the realities hidden around me. I love writing and listening to what people wanna share. Writing give me relief and I do continue that even if I'm not the best in it.
Call girl...
Tangled bonds....
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Myke got up with the pain again and she removed her blanket...and straight away took her sanitary napkin and went inside the washroom. She was not bleeding but then why the pain? Myke stood surprised and hold her abdomen tightly in order to get some relief but no it incresed even more, she bended down and suddenly she puked out everything that she had in the last night party. She came out and slept in her bed again and was struggling to get some relief. After 3 hours her eyes opened with her phone's ringtone. She slightly opened her eyes and managed to answer the call, "Hi mumma, good morning." "Miki it's 12 already r u sleeping till now??" "Arae mumma not feeling well, little uneasy so..you tell me na....how are you and dad?" "We are fine Miki what happened to you dear?" "Mumma nothing serious just a mild stomach pain." "Again you ate all those junk foods right? Or again you have started.."before finishing Myke interrupted, "No mumma, it's my time of periods so..papa is alright?" "Oh acha, haa he is fine only his BP is high these days wanna talk to him?" "Does he wanna talk? I don't wanna force mumma." you are our only child dear just once speak to him don't let ego win over father daughter relationship Miki. That point of time you both were not correct. Neither I'm able to make you talk to him nor him to you, I'm stuck in between you both; why you people have such egos? You stay so far from us what kind of tension we face do you even understand that, Miki! "Miki! Hello, what happened?" "Mumma I'm not well mumma talk to you later." "First you should get a checkup and send me the reports in WhatsApp,ok..." "Ok Mumma, Chalo bye now ok take care." "Ufff!! fuck man this pain is becoming intolerable. Aahhh!! mummmaaaa......" Myke vomited once again then she felt that it was necessary to get a checkup but it was Sunday so no private clinic will be opened so hospital was the only option left. "hello, is this savitha hospital?" "yes ma'am, how can we help you?" "can I get an appointment of a gyneocologist today?" "yeah ma'am surely but our Gyneocologist is available after 4:00 pm are you ok with that?" "yeah kindly get an appointment for me." "your name ma'am?" "Minakshi Chopra" "Aahhh!! fuck man this pain is killing me. Who the hell is calling me now damn. "Hello, hello, hello, damn can't you speak a__ who is this?" (threw the phone aside) "Ahhhhhh!! mumma... this pain I'll die..." She got up and anyhow managed to wear her clothes and drove her till the hospital. she went to gyneocologist department which was on the 5th floor and collected her ticket from the receptionist and started waiting for her turn. And after 1hour of waiting her turn came and she went inside the room. "please come and stand on the weight machine ma'am and tell me your problems according to that we will refer to our experts.",said the nurse. "see I'm having a severe abdominal pain since morning and I vomited twice, I'm feeling very uneasy from inside and little fatigue and my periods became irregular." "ok ma'am kindly change your dress and come inside till then I'll talk to sir." "May I come in?" "yeah ma'am please lie down here. Sir will just be here." "Are you married?" "Is this the first question doctors need to know..." Myke turned blank, something was pushing out the emotional Miki, the tears which got frozoned were forcing to get melted..but Myke succeeded in hiding the Miki and replied,"no I'm not married." "But you are two months

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