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Yazhini Magudapathy
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Inspiration. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since May 3, 2020.
Yazhini Magudapathy
Call it "True Friendship"
  2 Mins Read

Nature was dancing everywhere. Silence was mixed with love. People in Coral town was leading a peaceful life. But everything got its time to disappear. White people waged a war to take over their wealth. Everywhere there was gun shot and bomb blast. Tessa, a ten year old girl hid herself in the middle of the bushes and escaped from the attack. Blood was seen everywhere and dead bodies were piled in the middle of the road. The army from nearby state came to rescue the wounded people. But they unfortunately could not spot this little girl and left her alone in Coral town. She cried out in pain and was cursing the fate. She then spotted a wounded dog and made it as her new companion. Tessa and her dog Rona made their way towards forest. She gained courage to life her life alone. She built small hut and dwelled there. She was good at hunting because her parents were hunters. She even trained Rona. One day, Rona spotted a little girl wounded who belonged to the nearby town. Tessa nursed the little girl and played with her. The little girl, Fina visited her everyday and spent time together. Days passed happily. But one day Fina didn't visit Tessa. Fina was sent to her aunt's house for higher education. Tessa felt dejected. Questions about Fina kept haunting Tessa's mind. The dog also died later. All these put her into a depressed state. Days passed like hell. Tessa was now 19. One day when she was running behind the deer, she spotted a van heading towards her. Initially she was afraid. But she saw her friend Fina coming towards her with an army dress to rescue her. Tessa felt happy to see Fina again and they both lived together in the same house.

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