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A ordinary guy with extraordinary imaginations...
Chasme Baddur
  5 Mins Read

29th February Paresh was in good mood today. It was his birthday. He used to celebrate every four year. He rested on couch with no intention of studying for upcoming exam. As he turned on fan, the doorbell rung. "Who is this ? ", he yelled from inside. After minute of silence, he opened the door. To his astonishment, there was no one outside. A small gift was placed on doorstep. It was box-wrapped. "Who kept this ? Is anybody here ?", he dawdled across the veranda. "May be someone left gift for my birthday.", whispering to himself, he pick it up. After closing the door and unwrapping his gift, he looked. It was a google and some kind of locator device. There was no tag or sender address on it. He puts up the google over his eyes and walked to mirror. "Hmm ! I look amazing. Its cool man.", murmur to himself. he snap some photo of himself, Make some James Bond pose, stood infront of mirror. Later, he tries to remove it but,... "Hey ! They are so fit, Why can't I remove them ? They got stuck to my eyes.", After much struggle, whimpering in pain, he feel helpless. Relaxing for a while. Remind about his next door neighbor Daya. He picks up cellphone,dials the number. As soon as ring tone ends, "Hello, Hey Daya. Yes, I am fine. You know my parents are out for work. I am alone and I have got a minor problem here. Will you mind arriving to my place and solving it……..Ok I am waiting.", shut his phone off. Angrily with both his hands, Paresh tries to remove googles but fails. A knock on door break his hardwork. Daya with smile on face entered the house speak up "Hey ! You called I am here." Stares at him. "Wow ! You look classy. Did you buy it from Ebay ?". Paresh in nervous tone,"Help me remove it They got stuck on my eyes." Both tries hard. Daya speaks in middle, "Is this your problem ? Happy birthday bro ! Who gave it to you ?" Paresh points with his finger onto box. "That stupid gift over there." Daya eyes glance at note inside the box. He reads it aloud. "Hello ! I am professor Vidyabharati from engineering department. This goggle is my invention. This is not an ordinary goggle. It has special power of science and magic combined to make person extraordinary from general people. One who wear it would be capable of teleportation to any distance location which he/she fantasizes in his mind. I named it

Chasme Baddur.

" "That's strange !", Daya looks over to Paresh. "Is that true ? Let me try. I imagine holiday in .......",uttered Paresh, before disappearing. "Where have you gone ? ", Daya speak into air. Paresh find himself in arid desert. No vehicle,No roads, No inn . Nothing. Only penetrating sunlight on his face. "Is this Kashmir ? Everything is dried and lifeless here. People call it paradise on earth." After walking for 3 hours in sunlight, he discover a people travelling on camel. He speak to one of them. They retorted back to him. "Su Che. Tamna Itla Dhup mate Su karuche ?". It was strange. He was teleported to Kota village of Gujarat, his birthplace which he hated most in his entire life. Back in his house, Daya was frustrated. he could not decide what to do next ?. He read the note further. "Sorry to say ! Those who would use this goggles There has been certain logical misconceptions that has caused some kind of error in this device that made it act opposite to what person imagines. If person imagines good place he would be transported to bad place and vice versa." Daya places hand on his forehead. "What might Paresh had imagined ? ". Suddenly,His cellphone ring from unknown number. Finding, Paresh on other end, "Hey ! Where are you gone ? You are fine na ?" "I am in my village. I am calling you through STD booth. Hurry speak fast with me as I have to go wash utensils of hotel I am calling from. How did this happen ? Why am I here? I imagined Kashmir. ", Paresh spoke in moderate tone. "You have to wish something you don’t have to wish", Daya spoke back. "I don't understand you. But, Right now I am wishing back to reach my house.", Paresh continued and phone end in distorted voice. Paresh was teleport over to senior classroom of his college. The lecture was on full swing. The teacher stared at him for a while wondering when did he entered the classroom. Other bully senior knew him and hated him. All the girls were impressed by his look due to his spy goggle. No sooner the lecture ended, out of envy, the senior grabbed him, thrashed him, humiliated him., tore his cloth as they could not remove goggle from his eyes. His appearance was of street beggar roaming outside of college. "Somebody, Please remove this goggle from my face." Student provided him with coins. He dialed back to Daya who had already located him on locator device inside a box. "Wait for me ! Keep your mind still. Don't imagine anything until I reach your spot.", spoke Daya on phone. He took out bike from his garage to travel to the place highlighted on device. Meanwhile, Paresh hysterically sat on bench of lone road. His eyes caught attention of Ragini MMS poster placed on wall before him. He could not help but, imagine himself on lap of Sunny Leone. All of sudden, he find himself on lap of gay person. "Come to me my dear. I was waiting for guy like you my whole life. Let us celebrate.", spoke the gay man. Paresh chided at him. "Tujhya mayla ! Hut ! Leave me alone What do you think about me ? Bachao, somebody help me !",saying this he ran on road only to come across Daya on speeding bike. He halted his bike. Both sat on it and drive away. They travel to some lone place. Daya illustrates him everything about goggles. He whisper something in his ears. Relaxing for a while, Paresh spoke,"I make my wish that this goggles remain forever on my eyes". No sooner, he wishes it goggle fall over his lap. He feel freed. "Enough of adventure for a day", Spoke Daya They toss it away into garbage and left the place in calm. A boy collecting waste from garbage bin notices them leaving the area. He hop to place to take look at the item they threw away. he takes look at beautiful piece of goggle fallen near the bin. He picks it up and wishes, "I hope this goggle never return back to person eye who just threw it". At home, Paresh moans loudly, "Oh No ! Why me always ? ", the goggle was stuck back over his eyes. The boy collecting waste murmur to himself, "Aila Jadoo !".... Don't laugh readers. Just wait for your turn.

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