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Sai Sree
I won't say I am a great writer but, I believe that my writings will make you remember the moment's you cherished the most and the feelings which you longed to forget. "Everyone isn't the same but everyone has LOVE in common".
Sai Sree
Childhood Memories
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The days, where our own reflection amazed us. The days, when our shadow was like a friend. The days, where light, sound are our friends when lonely. The days, where every beauty amazed us. The days, where we were in innocent friendship. The days, where friends are our world. The days, where we do innocent and sweet things for our friends. The days, where we help our friends by showing our paper in exams. The days, where everyone is listening to class while we are gossiping with our friend. The days, where we talk by writing on this(paper) and pass them to friend. The days, where we get excited to get extra chocolates on our friend's birthday. The days, where meeting at our friend's place is excitement. The days, where we come to school on cycles with our friends. The days, where we go to school along with our friend. The days, where we support our friend before the teacher. The days, when the teacher tells you to be a class leader within they come back. The days, where we don't write our friend's name on board. The days, where we complain about people we don't like. The days, where parting from a friend is difficult. The days, where we attend school because of our favorite teacher. The days, where we stalk teacher with an innocent face. The days, when we came to know the teacher is on leave on the slip test day. The days, where free period gave you the freedom to play with friends. The days, where bat and ball are exam pad and eraser. The days, where a teacher allows you to play games in computer class. The days, where we were excited about the games period. The days, when we are late for class and our friend didn't come yet. The days, we feel like dancing, when a teacher cancels slip tests. The days, when we sign our parent's signature on the progress report and dairy. The days, when we added marks in our progress to not get scolded by parents. The days, where we tell various reasons for not doing homework. The days, when teachers let it go when we don't do homework. The days, where everything we do is forgiven. The days, when we wait for the school bell to ring. The days, when pledge starts, after "All Indians are my brothers and sisters" we tell except one to ourselves and smile. The days, when school gives holiday due to heavy rain. The days, when we tell lies to bunk the school. The days, when parents tell not to go to school as they are taking us somewhere with them. The days, we call everyone brother or sister except our crush. The days, we smile just by looking at the person we are crushing. The days, we tease our friends with the name of the person they are crushing on. The days, where we do different things just to make our friend look like a hero or heroine before their crush. The days, where our first love has happened. The days, we were in an innocent relationship. The days, when our opposite-sex friend tells who is crushing on ous and tells who to accept and not accept. The day's, where friendship is not mistaken as love. The days, where we choose friendship over love. The days, when our friend tries to clear misunderstanding in our relationship. The days, we give up on first love for our friend. The days, where our friends give ideas to impress the girl or boy we like. The days, all the class stand together with unity when other classes talk bad about our class. The days, we are eager to read what others wrote in slam book. The days, life thought us to forgive, to love, what true friendship is, values, self- respect.

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