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Narendra babu
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Historical Fiction. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since 22nd November 2021.
Narendra babu
Christmas Eve
  3 Mins Read

At Bangalore Outskirts in a place called KGF there lived a Mother and son. Florence lost her husband Mathew in a road accident and she lived with her son Titus a 9 Year Old studying in 4th Standard at Parkinson Government School. The only Source of Income for Florence was through her tailoring and few through her Bible classes given to around 10 Children. Christmas was few days Left and the Vicinity was decorated with Christmas trees and Stars emerged on top of each house decked with colorful lighting. Children doning new clothes grouped together were seen singing carols in Praise of Lord Jesus. Titus seeing all the colorful events was left in grief, he had mo new clothes to wear nor his house was decorated as others houses were seen. Titus in an emotional tone "Mom every child in our vicinity are seen wearing new clothes and their houses colorfully decorated, please buy me also new clothes and see our house decorated." saying he coaxed his mother. Florence hid her emotions and in a convincing tone "My son we will celebrate Christmas in a grand manner and I will buy you new set of clothes next year, as we are little short of money we will be blessed with lot of wealth by Lord Jesus" Saying she tried take Titus on her stride but Titus pushed her and running out of his house yelled in emotion " If dad was there he would have met all my demands " . Florence was seen crying inconsolabily at her plight and pleaded in front of Lord Jesus Photo asking him to help her get rid of Poverty and fulfil her son Titus wish. Titus never entered the house even after Florence forceful attempts, in angry mood Florence shut the door Leaving tender Titus brooding on Verendah of his house. Titus started weeping seated near the Big banyan tree in front of his house, at the same time a Voice called for Titus. Titus never heeded but in a confusion state turned back to see his dad in the form of Santaclaus calling for him. Titus was shocked and stunned on seeing his dad doned in form of Santaclaus carring a bag with hoards of gifts and decorative galore. Titus in emotional tone "Dad where were you all these days leaving us " saying he hugged his dad Mathew lifting his son Titus in a convincing tone "Lord Jesus called me as he had little work with me, he told me to meet you to decorate the house, gift you new clothes to you and mom and also decorate the house before Christmas" Titus Jumped in glee. Mathew in a silent tone "Don't let mom know let us decorate the house" saying Mathew and his son decorated the house colourfully. Mathew gifted his son Titus with new set of clothes including for his wife Florence. Mathew also gave Titus hoardful of gifts. Carrying all of them Titus ran towards his house shrieking "Mom Mom open the door dad has come, he has decorated our house and has given us new set of clothes" saying he knocked the door hard. Florence in a disturbed manner opened the door and was shocked to see Titus in a gleeful manner carrying colorful gifts. Florence in a commanding tone " Where did you get all these gifts, who gave it to you " saying she questioned Titus. Titus in a cheerful tone " Mom Dad has come in form of Santaclaus carrying all these gifts and also new clothes for us, he even decorated our house " saying he held his mothers hand to take her before Mathew. Florence ran behind Titus but found no one there, Titus Yelled " Dad Dad Mom has come she is not believing that you have come " and started searching all over but of no avail. Titus in a innocent tone " Mom Dad has left because he had work with Lord Jesus" saying he ran into house uncovering the gifts and New clothes. Florence with tearsnin her eyes looked up Folding her hands thanked Almighry Jesus for the great favour on her and Son. Even Mathew standing amidst the clouds was seen in tears waving his hand to Florence. Christmas went on grandly at Florence house Innocent Titus doned in new clothes showed it to his friends and even called them to have a look at his decorated home and Lightened ChristmasvTree. Don't get emotional on what you don't have, HAVE FAITH ON LORD JESUS to fetch what you Need from him. HAPPY CHRISTMAS

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