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Narendra babu
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Historical Fiction. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since 22nd November 2021.
Narendra babu
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Pandemic struck in form of COVID which gulped human lives irrespective of age and seen still on screaming with no halt . In the Village named Atmabandhu cited on Outskirts if Mahboobnagar in Telangana, there were no casualities afflicted due to Pandemic COVID, but there were few who were envy of the village from the town in Mahboobnagar. One fine night Chandru a Jeep driver who on the instructions of Local MLA of Mahboobnagar wanted to bank on Medicines instituted by Government bought in a Covid Patient and threw him at the vicinity of Village. Villagers not knowing the whereabouts of citizen tried pulling him up to nearby Ashwamedha clinic and started treatment on the bruises afflicted, but later found him to COVID allicted. The disease spread among the Villagers who attended on to him. As per the villages declaration no one was allowed to tresspass the Village and no one was allowed to enter the village. In the Same village there was an Ayurvedic Physician called Dr. Stephen who with his Ayurvedic Treatment cured many of them affected with dreaded Virus. Local MLA Teerathnath was surprised even after throwing a Covid affected Patient in the Region, none were coming out of their groove to taste the medicine introduced by Local judiciary. Here in the Village the local Physician Dr. Stephen set up a dispensary in an Old Church situated in vicinity named St.Philomenas Church and started treating the Covid affected Patients. Dr. Stephen took the help of Church Bell and rang every morning at 10 am and each villager affected used to rush to Church and get diagnosed by Dr. Stephen. While the final Bell rang at 5pm depicting the end of treatment session. Even the Spies of Local MLA couldn't trace the Villagers affected and the Church Bell ring was assumed to be a Prayer Schedule. The Local MLA was perplexed he rushed to Village, even after he was stopped by local villagers. Finally when he reached the village, the Church Bell rang and Villagers start moving in slow commotion. MLA Teerthanath followed them and finally was surprised to see Dr. Stephen treating patients even endangering his life. MLA Teerthanath was moved on seeing a great Service induced by DrStephen and the Rules followed systematically by Local Villagers and was ashamed himself for forcibily Introducing commercialized Medicines on them. Local MLA assigned some more place for Church to accommodate the affected Patients in Village and also modified the CHURCH BELL which was in rustic mode and thanked Dr. Stephen for his valuable services. Finally the theme acknowledged DUTY IS DIVINE.

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