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Vrinda Nayar
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Comedy, Crime, Epistolary, Fantasy, Fiction, Love, Lyrics, Romance. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since November 17, 2020.
Vrinda Nayar
Collection of Memories
A memory for each emotion
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I've always been fond of my memories so it's quite hard to choose a single memory as my favourite childhood memory. I may even have forgotten the best ones. It could be the several trips I've taken with my family to Bangalore, Coimbatore, Bombay, Andhra Pradesh, Mangalore, Mysore, Delhi, Chandigarh, a trip to Musandam in Oman. It could be the first time I learned to ride a bicycle. The plenty of scars I got from all the games I played with my brother and cousins while in Kerala during the summer holidays. It could even be the small car rides I take when going places. I could also choose a memory from my school days. The first time I played basketball. The first time I got an award for chess competitions. The time I played with my friends during our recess periods. Just running around in our dress uniforms. The time I was hit with a football or the time I fell down and sprained my arm. The sad days of school, happy moments of friendships, and excitement of events all are a part of my stage. A memory is the best way to remember our lives. It can oversee words, photos, videos and so much more. I consider my memories as a special insight to my life. The insight accessed by me and myself alone. So to me choosing a favourite memory is like choosing a favourite parent. Impossible. ~Vrinda Nayar I BMS IB St. Teresa's College Kochi

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