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I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Drama, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Love, Romance, Feminist Lit. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since September 16, 2020.
daddy's letter
a letter from your dad
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Twenty years ago, you came into my life. You were the best gift given to me by my wife. The first time when I saw you in person. I can't describe that feeling, that moment, and that emotion. The first time when I take you in my arms My heart is full of warms. The first time when  I hold your little hand. I was still in disbelief that I am now a dad. I still remember my dear When you just started walking. You came to my room first while knocking. When the first time you had called me daddy. I felt the urge of dancing in the field of paddy. Twenty years have been passed, wow. you have more gorgeous now.  In the past, you were a little angel to daddy. But now you have become a beautiful lady. One day you will live me us and move forward in your life, Because one day you have to become someone's wife. I just want to say a thing to you my doll. It doesn't matter in the future you do not live here with us. But don't forget that you will always live in heart of. You are our little princess and you will always be the same for us. .. . . . . . .               Your daddy..........

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