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I am Chanakya. I am a 'good' story-teller and that 'good' was given to me as an award by my friends and family after narrating my stories. I find people involve deeply in the story when I narrate and watching their expressions gives me ultimate thrill and happiness. Each expression is a mirror of my story line by line. I believe that is a "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" for a Writer and I want to take it to next level. I want to see myself in numerous mirrors in this world.
Dead under the Bed
  2 Mins Read

It is 11 PM, Henry is struggling to sleep, he imagines that there is a devil under his bed. He want to look under the bed, but he doesn't have that much courage. when he closes his eyes, he imagines that a skin peeled hand rising from under the bed, trying to reach him with it's sharp and pointy fingernails. That's really horrific. This feeling, the devil under his bed, he experiences daily. He don't know what to do. Henry decided to meet a psychiatrist. "Hello Mr. Henry. how are you?" said the psychiatrist "Fine doctor" smiled artificially "actually not fine, not at all" "Oh, could you explain me why?" "I had this feeling.. the feeling of a ghost lying under my bed and with that thought in my mind, I couldn't even dare to turn my head everyday night." "That's horrifying" "I even had nightmares sometimes, that there is a deadly looking ghost lying under my bed and trying to touch me" said Henry desperately. "This is a serious problem but there is no need to get panicked. I'll treat you, but this treatment is expensive and takes many sessions, say, 3 months" "How much doctor?" "Around 2000 dollars" The fee was much scarier than that ghost which comes daily night. Henry gulped and said "Okay doctor, I will meet you tomorrow." "Don't worry Henry. I'll take care of you, and soon you're gonna have peaceful nights" Henry gave a fake smile again and walked out. (After 4 months) Doctor saw Henry in a shopping mall. He approached Henry. "You are Mr. Henry, right?" " Yes doctor, I am, how are you?" "Leave my topic aside, what about you? you had a serious problem and you said that you'd come to me for the treatment and that's the last day I saw you, are you okay now? why haven't you shown up?" the doctor puzzled. "Actually doctor, my Indian friend saved me from the torment I used to have daily" "how come?" the doctor addled. "He said he can solve the problem within one day and in return he asked me to buy him a beer" "That can't be true! How could he solve such major disorder, no offence" "That's okay doctor., Now I don't have any problem" "Please tell me how your Indian friend solved this issue?" "Simple doctor, He suggested me to remove the bed(cot) and sleep on the floor mat." That was the shock of the doctor's life. The psychiatrist needs psychiatrist. -----------------the end--------------------

Let me notify you readers that this story you just read, I've read many days ago in some paper. I improved the story a lot. I thought it would be great sharing it with you guys.

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