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kavi Ramya
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Inspiration, Love, Mythology, Romance, Spiritual, Thriller. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since October 7, 2020.
kavi Ramya
Dear Santa!!
My messenger!!
  4 Mins Read

To, Sir Nicholas, Fairy World, Heaven. Dear Santa, The Jingle bells in the church rang that made me remember the incident that happened with me in my childhood during Christmas time. Today, I would like to share the story with you. You know me well Santa that I loved the gifts given by you and my neighbour Aunt Christine. During my childhood, I eagerly waited for 25th December by crossing the dates prior to 25th when the December month was set in my calendar. The Christmas time brought in me the spirit of fun and joy by making the snowman, making snowballs and playing around with friends while snowflakes wished us chilly weather that was part of Christmas fun moments. We lied on the snow fluttering our hands and legs in order to make snowy butterflies. Finally, the day arrived for which I waited eagerly. When I was ten years old, I went to my aunt Christine's home with a lot of hope that I will be receiving a Thanks-giving gift and her handmade cupcakes which tastes yummy even now. But Aunt forgot for the first time to give me a gift. I grew impatient and started asking her "Is there anything that you forgot to give me?" To which she replied, "No, Dear! Did you enjoy the cupcakes? Do you want some more?" I felt sad and hid my feelings as I didn't want to question and make her feel awkward on this special occasion. I left her place and returned with a sad smiley face. On returning home, my mom understood my feelings and said "At times, humans tend to forget and they do not intend to hurt others heartfelt feelings. Be grateful to God and share your feelings with him through a letter. He will send you his messenger and shower his blessings on you. He will show you the way to soothen your sadness. That night I secretly wrote a letter for the first time with little grammatical mistakes, that I want my Aunt to gift me a soft toy and chocolates. But again, I stroked it off and wrote another wish. "Please send a messenger who could help to convey our emotions to each other. We are not able to express it properly. Tell your messenger to teach us how to express ourselves and learn to stay bonded with love and affection without getting hurt." was the letter I wrote and carefully dropped it in a sock hanging near the furnace place. That night, I heard your laugh and woke up with astonishment the way you entered my house. You carried a huge sack with you. Your white beard was as white as snow. That day I realised that you were the messenger of God came to teach me the way of expressing emotions. I still remember the lesson you taught me. "Do not fear child! I am god's messenger. I received your letter and came to teach how to express your emotions. It is very simple my child:-

See-through other's perspective by understanding them and spending time with them honestly. Try to read their minds through their eyes. As most of the times, eyes can not deceive us. The face is the index of mind, Dear child! Stop expecting and Start accepting the way things come in your way!!

That night I learnt the most valuable lesson. I followed your preaching Santa and tried to apply it in my daily life. I started this learning experiment with my Aunt Christine. I went to her house and spent sometime daily. I reached close to her heart and one day truth unveiled that on Christmas day, she brought a gift for me but she gave it away to a poor child who came begging to her home. Learning the fact, I felt ashamed to think ill about her but also felt thankful as her very act led to a big change in my thinking process. The poor child deserved the gift which my Aunt brought than me. You are right, Santa! I saw her eyes which were bold and crystal clear while revealing the truth. I love you Santa! You may be wondering, Why am I telling you this story now? Because it's time for you to descend from heaven and spread a message that not to lose hope during this current pandemic situation. People have become restless, depressed, unable to share their feelings and the magical hugs that relieved them from stress, anxiety. Few are feeling like they are caged in homes at times. I can nowhere see neighbourhood children playing around together now. Their laughs are vanishing behind the smartphones which are making them addicted. Elders are losing their charm of talking to each other. Relations are fading away day by day. Virtual reality is making us dependent and we are not completely satisfied. We want to step out of our homes, talk to each other, spend quality time with our peers.

May your Jingle Bells that ring may spread positive thoughts to our mind.

May your laugh make us smile again forgetting the panic attacks few suffered due to this pandemic.

May your reindeers drive our anxiety and stress away

May your sack of gifts include our happiness, pleasure and soothing key to our mind.

May you arrive timely this Christmas without making us wait till midnight.

May my wish gets fulfilled which brings cherishing moments to mankind.

May your arrival make our holy spirits to rise with joy paving way to a pious life!!

We love you Santa! This is my second letter to you asking for you to drive our life energy source. I am lost and uncertain to make a decision about how to lead my life all alone in this society which no longer remained a society with humans who were once called social animals. We need your advise Santa! Please do visit our homes and instil the positivity and motivation which got shook by the fear of pandemic attack. I alone cannot overcome this situation without your help. Also, convey our tearful and heartfelt prayers to God and make him revoke this situation that is leading to disaster all over the world. Looking forward to your reply. Your Loving child, Ramya Sri V, Multibhashi solutions. Thank you for reading this letter Santa!!

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