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Author. Sahil Katoch
sucker for mystery who is here thrill you. A soul which belongs to nature. A legacy that belong to hills.
Author. Sahil Katoch
encounter with beauty
he will make you realise
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In the aesthetic wilderness, monkey play outside the St. John church. There games are playful and innocent, like picking the lice and playing with the ball, they have stolen from the children; one monkey defends and nine others try to snatch the ball. Not enough to share among the ten siblings. The gate wide open, a man enters the church. He is drunk; his faltering steps, stumbling feet, fumbling speech and raging temper can tell the madness and pain he has been through. He was there to curse the lord for putting him in a failed marriage and the bad guilt. If the man fails in marriage, he fails his family too. It is not usual first day of august at St. John church in wilderness. It is abandoned today; no pastor, no nun, no people and no guard present. It is getting cold, as the thunderstorm is taking birth in the womb of the sky but about to burst any unpredictable moment. The door of the church hall wide open with huge bang followed by a loud shout,” sir, sir…sir. You will be glad now as once again your doings made me fail in marriage.”, his eyes wet and tongue sad; drenched in grief and synchronizing with feeling so much, that it, put the word into automatic synchronization,” first you took away my love and when I loved again you took away my wife. You always make the women leave my life. I never sigh; saying I wasn’t the pleasing machine or boyfriend material; I am a novice. Why you made me so?” As he finishes there is voice that travels from the front,” I am jealous.”. for a second, he thinks ‘why is lord jealous’, but after voice processed in his mind, he finds it feminine. Her looks here and there in confusion. Then the voice hits again,” here”. He still looks here and there.  the voice comes again,” near the altar Mister”. He finally finds her but disbelieves what he sees. She was a quite vibrant woman, rocking a mustard tunic and high heeled brown boots. Not a hourglass but a little curvy; thighs revealing adventures of adolescence and rusty red lipstick speaking about her ferocious adult mind— not scared to make debates. More than her appearance, she carries a seamless aura of natural command— she can command anyone’s attention.   The attire, body and the soul complimenting one other. There is everything in such a sync that the man believes that lord sent a beautiful compensation for mistake. The striking thunderbolts in his heart, the raging fire in his chest, air overcompensating and water oozing from his mouth. His feeling and desire catch up a Ferrari pace. He, dreams of buying a Burj Khalifa at a confidence of nomad, She comes and say,” hello, Madeline Lewis”. “ yuh! yuh! yuh!, pupet”, he stammers. “Pepet, funny name”, she laughs.  He shies and try to escape the church, running like an Usain bolt but halts when she says,” there is thunderstorm outside”. Fears at the both side, he runs to and faro like a pendulum. It is scarier than ever to him a strange woman and more beautiful than his ex-wives. he, being overwhelmed faints. It takes hours and two for the rain to slow down its pace. it is rains and thunders but thunder is barely audible in the church. Madeline sitting close to the man, is shaking him. In her experience, she has experienced that beauty can also be fatal. He wakes and seeing her starts panting.  She says,” easy…easy…easy. take a breath…easy”. “So you are..” “Peter Samuel”, he utters panting. “Where are you from”, she ask. “I am a local”, he replies in a timid voice. “I am a local too, you exactly from”, She utters excitedly. “you are from old Dharamshala?” “No, Me from new Dharamshala”, she utters, “but we are still close”, There’s a lighten at the same moment and shivers. “You are scared of thunderstorm?”, she ask. “Yes, I am scared of many things in life”. he replies with remorse. “I am scared too”, she utters with a smile “Of what? You look so confident” “My beauty, it’s a curse”, she speaks with heaviness of guilt in her voice,” some bastard goes mad and chase me home. They irritate me with calls. They love me just for looks not for my virtue in fact they themselves don’t have virtue”. “Well I wish, I was lucky like you because no girl chased me. I am a novice, when it comes to attraction. I always tried my best, I did it all, out of my heart but still she seeks other man”, words come out of his fragile heart,” I wish that I was attractive as you. I will entry pass to everyone’s life”. “So, you think, faces, standard and lifestyle are so aesthetic to love?”, she snaps” these are loyal mates, faces betray when you age, standard betray when you are misfortunate and lifestyle is illusion that shatter both with age and bad fortune. What you seek is not permanent”. “but my wife, Karen think it is. She left me for man with better looks and prettier bank balance”, he utters in grief. “then, glad, she did. Life isn’t meant to be wasted at such a beauty which doesn’t give happiness”, she says,” look at the wide green jungle. they are real beauty. Not because they are green or because they are beautiful but the things they provide like shade, life, habitat and food. they are so nurturing”. “But people cut tree to make home. They don’t like the village. They like city.”, she keeps her point gazing straight into his eyes”. “but people from city come here to visit green jungle”, she utters,” isn’t it”. “Yeah”, he agrees. “They are always two ways, how you can see the situation”, she utters,” it depends how you see. A glass can be half full and half. Lesson is what you have you should be satisfied with it”. “but…”, he utters but she keeps finger on his mouth and utters,” you will realise the beauty in you…sooner or later…time will make it, for you”. There is moment of silence but, later they realise, it has stopped thundering outside. She says,” you should check outside. He moves outside the church and utters,” it’s smell so fragrant and fresh”, he looks back and what meet his eye is empty church; he can’t see Madeline. He turns around there as someone tap his shoulder. It’s Karen, his wife or ex-wife, scarred and frightened. She falls on her knees and beg him,” please come back in my life. I have realised your value”. He looked shocked and uttered,” what happened?”. “chaos, he destroyed my life. He treats me as a servant, who owes him a nasty slavery. He looks like angel but is so demon. He tortures him, physically and mental. I don’t feel secure in his arms. I don’t feel secure in big house. I don’t like his face; his evil smile. I don’t like him”. “but I am novice, don’t know how to please women. Not so rich, not so funny, not so romantic and not so good looking”, he utters. “I don’t care”, she shouts,” I feel secure in your arm that’s it”. For a second Madeline voice rush in his mind,” I told you. You are handsome. This is your moment that time has present it for you. Cherish your beauty and forgive her”. He does as the voice directs. He utters,” I forgive you, if you are willing to start again”. He come inside the church, bow to the lord, for encountering him with beauty.   

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