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Forest Camping
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Urban Legend United States John and Ria were wife and husband. They had two twin daughters. They lived very happily. But suddenly an Incident happened in their Family. It was John's twin daughters' wish to go forest camping. They were asking their father for a while for going forest camping, but he is so busy at his work. After a few days, their father kept two days' leave for their daughters' happiness and they went to the forest for camping. John stopped the car at the forest office to take permission to camp in the forest. John went inside of the office and went straight to the counter. An old man is sitting at the counter. John went to him and said, "sir, we came here for Camping in the forest. Can you please say what are the timings to have camping? Sorry, Sir. There is no permission to camp in the forest as animals were roaming in the forest. So it is dangerous to camp in the forest. For that, John said, "sir, it is my children's wish to camp in the forest. If I say that there is no camp, they will get disappointed. So, please sir, see if there is another option to camp. To his request, the old man said, "ok, sir. There is another option. Go straight up to 2 km. Then you will find a wooden cabin, you can stay in that cabin tonight. John felt happy and said, "thank you, sir. Is there any key for that wooden cabin?" The old man said, "yes, and went inside. After some time, he came with a small key and gave it to John." Look Sir..... You guys can stay there but.... After 9:00 o'clock you should not come out at any cost its Dangerous to you guys only so please dont go out 'Old man said to John' Ok sir.... We will not come out After 9:00 o'clock 'John said to Old man' John came out from the office Their children were so happy The Forest is so beautiful and the sounds of the birds are also so nice They played well upto evening Its 6:30 shall we go to Cabin? 'Ria said to John' Shall we go? 'John asked their Daughters' Yes Father lets goooooo ' John daughters said to John so loudly' They Started going to Cabin John is driving and looking around the forest At Evening the Forest is So Beautiful but now its some what scary ' John inner Feeling' They went to Wooden Cabin The Wooden Cabin is looking like an old one from out side They went inside.... Its too dark John on'd his phone torch and searched for switches of light...... He on'd Switches of Light and they completed there dinner and John wife(Ria) and There Daughters went to their room to sleep But..... John is exploring the Cabin Suddenly John listend a sound of a lady crying The Sound is Coming from out of the cabin John thought to see who is that crying in this time So before going out he first went to their family room to see them He saw and came down and went out to see He saw out but there is nothing he thought that its was he's feeling..... When he coming inside of the Cabin he listend a sound from inside of their cabin The sound is coming from upside where their Family members were slept..... He got Scared when he listend the sound He ran up fastly to see what happend.... He went to room but..... The room is locked from inside.... His Daughters were shouting that 'Dad please save us' He got more scared when he listend that word from their daughter....... He called his Wife from Out of the door 'Ria open the door what are doing?? Open the door why you locked from inside?? But....... His Wife is not listening his words finyally he breaked the door and went inside And He got Shocked😱😱 Because his first Daughter were died...... Her eyes were cutted and Nouse(నరాలు) And his wife and second daughter were not there.... He saw around the room.... The room window was broken... He thought that they breaked that window and ran out.... John went down to find them.... He listend A sound from Forest it is like some one are shouting for help..... But its same like his second Daughters voice.... He ran to the Forest He on'd torch and started searching for his daughter and wife...... He saw a lady sat down and holding a girl in Her lap He went closer and saw And got shocked...... Because it was her wife sat down and it was his daughter on her lap And his daughter neck was cutted half nd she is close to die John carried his daughter and saying 'Dont worry you will not die belive me' He tried to go out from the Forest but he dint......... ************************** Some days passed John family still dint returnend from their trip so police went to the forest where they went for Camp.............. Police found 4 Dead Bodies in the Forest and there were John's family In the investigation its proved that..... When he is Running to go out from the Forest his wife came and killed him and killed her slef...... And the story of the Ghost is...... A while ago there were 3 members Rose(Mom) Eunow(Father) Jenni(Daughter) So Eunow were worked at out of street and because of some more work he is not going to his house...... So his wife got Deppresed and killed her Daughter and killed her self..... So what police got information from the people who stays there is who ever go to the Forest then they can Listen sounds of crying and shouting for a help so polices decided that no one should go to that Forest...... ********************************************* SAI SIRI

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