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I write Poetry in தமிழ். My work is in Love genres. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since February 13, 2020.
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She was standing on the terrace with her feeling. There was a chill and dark night. The air was fastly runing here and there. Our heroine standing on the terrace and kept his hand in her cheen. There was no different between stars qnd our heroine. Like that she was glowing in the night. But still she was silent. The night slient her feelings both made heavy stone on her heart. Suddenly her left eye drop one tear, it slowly travelling on her cheen. Suddenly air came and kept her tear. That movement says her heroine that was don't feel dear he's coming soon. Now we all known one thing that was she missing someone in her life. She slowly see the stars and moon. Memory her past life. In her childhood day she loss her parents in an accident. Then her grany adopt her. She moved her grany's house along with her grany. That day was very important and notable day in her life. I swa one little boy standing on the gate near her grany'. She fastly coming down as little dee. s house. He looking very pretty, he's eyes are so cute he's thick eyebrows, rosy lips these thinks make him very attractive. He slowly come and touch my face and give his hand to make relationship between us. That movement build one beautiful relationship. That hand shaking was a symbol of our feelings. Our relationship had many of happiness, sad, ego, jealous, arguments. But still our relationship was going on through our unreasonable fighting. But now I'm standing alone without him. He stayway from me very long for his new life. Suddenly she release that yeah, he's coming tomorrow morning. She fastly coming down as little deer. She ordered her grandma arrange everything into four make it fast quick grany. Lilly i done everything yesterday. Oh grany how sweet you're come and dance with me. They both dance very happily. Who is that four person, i too don't know my dear readers. Please wait and watch what happing. Grany see lilly face and sayherself that is my lilly smile coming back that smile make her as princess. Oh! Lilly time is too late go and sleep. I pray god to make time is going very fast and you meet your Harry quickly. Yes grany I early wait him to see his face. Bird is going to search it food. Grany shouted lilly, lilly, wakeup. Oh! No time is too late. She take bath and come out and help her grany. Decorate flowers in her home. She take four teacups and kept it on the table. Who is that four person. The door bell is sounded. Lilly's heart beated very quickly. Her hand is swearing. She slowly open the door. Her eyes are filled with tears and that movement is freezes onesecond. She hugged Harry very deitly they both turned as childhood, both crying. Onesecond they give their hand shake. She fastly bring Harry inside the house. Suddenly she shouted herself and go back and bring Harry's wife shelly. And talk with her very happily. They both take morning tea. Oh! My dear readers that four person is Harry's wife. Then Harry's friend is lilly. This relationship is friendship. A true friendship. Grany bring sweet and salt cookies. Lilly and shelly both shoted like No. Both shocked and tell same thing that Harry dialike sweet cookies grany. Grany shocked and say lilly your friendship make me very happy. What a true friendship you know harry than his wife. God bless you both your friendship moved as river. Lilly and Harry smiled. Suddenly the rain is coming lilly give one signal to Harry and both run outside and the rain. That movement says one that is rain also enjoy their friendship meeting and bless them through it's fall of waters. Grany and shelly enjoy that two people friendship. A true friend is also close to heart that any relationship in the world.

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