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I write Prose in english. My work is in Comedy, Crime, Thriller, love genres. I write both stories and series. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since January 1, 2021.
Crime thrills but kills
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On the new years eve night there are different types of people as some of them like to party, some sleep but people like me like to climb a hill, enjoy the peace and crackers. Finally its 12:00 , crackers in the sky, people wishing and I don't know how but 2 of my friends came to my hill place to spend time with me. People don't only wish is messages but they call also, so I was in a call away from my friends, when I turned towards them I see Ria killing Arjun [my friends] and called police because I got scared. I didn't go to her till the police handcuffed her. She was taken to jail , but before that she wispered in my ear 'I killed him because of a reason as he is a criminal'. I started crying after reaching home as I lost 2 of my friends. I wanted to investigate the case and find out his crime so I went to her house with a spare key and found 2 photos [1 was Arjun's and 2nd was a girl's picture] attached together. I started investigating about the girl and because of social media I got to know that she was Ria's sister who was killed long back in a blast. I didn't get what was the connection between the blast and Arjun. The next step would of course be to find out about the blast and people who got effected. I got a heart attack when I got to know that even Arjun was dead in the blast. How is this possible? He died when Ria killed him? She went to jail because of this crime?...all these questions just hit my brain harder. After some days I found out that the person who was alive as Arjun was Ayan. Ayan and Rena[ Ria's sister] were behind Arjun to kill him because of Ayan's family issues with him since Rena was Ayan's friend she helped him in it. They planned a blast for Arjun in a shop so that it looks like an accident. The bomb didn't blast on time so Rena went near the bomb to check it even though Ayan tried to stop her. When she took the bomb in her hands to check , the blast happen and Arjun,Rena and the shopkeeper died. Ayan did a plastic surgery which made him look like Arjun, he did it to grab the property of Arjun but before doing that he had to act like friends with all his friends. According to his plan he would get money in the new year but before that Ria killed him as according to her Arjun killed Rena. Now here Ria killed a person so she went to jail but Ayan also has to get a punishment but he is not alive so I went to the police station, told them the story with proofs what I found. Police decreased Ria's punishment a little because she did it for her sister. I didn't know to laugh or cry, laugh because I solved a case , sad because I lost Arjun and Ria is in jail. I was atleast happy that Arjun got justice and slept peacefully after so many nights.

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