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I write Prose in english. My work is in Comedy, Crime, Thriller, love genres. I write both stories and series. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since January 1, 2021.
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On the new years eve night there are different types of people some of them like to party, some sleep but people like me like to climb a hill in the outskirts of the city and enjoy the peace, the crackers in the sky and the view full of city lights. Two of my friends turned up there to spend their new year with me as this was, 'OUR PLACE' of hanging out. You know what, people don't only wish in messages but they call also, so I was in a call and as I turned back to them I see RIA stabbing ARJUN [my friends] and called the police because I got scared and I had the phone. I didn't go to her till the police handcuffed her. She was taken to jail but before that she whispered in my ear saying, "I KILLED HIM BECAUSE OF A REASON. HE IS A CRIMINAL." I started crying in shock after reaching home as I lost two of my friends in the last few hours. I wanted to investigate the case and find out his crime so I went to her house with a spare key and found two photos, one was ARJUN'S and the second was a girl's picture attached together with a stapler on the table there. I felt for a second I saw the girl in the photo somewhere then I started investigating about the girl and because of social media I got to know that she was RIA'S younger sister, ANUSHA who was killed long back in a blast as per the news articles. I didn't get what was the connection between the blast and ARJUN. The next day, my next step would ofcourse be to find out about the blast and people who got effected. My heart skipped a beat when I read that even ARJUN was dead in the blast with ANUSHA. A bunch of questions kept rotating in my mind the whole night which were, how is this possible? Who was the ARJUN with us all this while? What is happening around me? Who did RIA kill?... After some days I found out that the person who was alive as ARJUN was NEIL. He and ANUSHA were on a mission to kill ARJUN because NEIL'S family had to go through a lot of issues or you can call it problems and guess what ARJUN was the whole and sole reason for all of them. ANUSHA and NEIL were childhood friends so she wanted to help him in it. They planned a blast for ARJUN in a garage which he visits daily to look at his favourite vintage car there and it was a bit far from the general crowded place. It was a time bomb but it got delayed by a half an hour so ANUSHA walked towards it to check it even though NEIL tried to stop her saying, "YOU ARE DIGGING YOUR OWN GRAVE!" He gave a weird smile as she turned and walked there, took the bomb in her hands to check, fixed some wires and the blast happen as soon as she joined the two wires. ARJUN, ANUSHA and a mechanic there died on the spot and some people walking on the street had small injuries on their body. NEIL wanted to look like ARJUN, so that he could grab all his property and for this he had to behave like ARJUN does with his friends and family to complete his mission for which he used ANUSHA who was told about only the half part of the mission by him and ofcourse killed by him as he disturbed the wire of the bomb. According to his plan he would get money on first of January because of ARJUN'S mom's will saying, "ARJUN SHOULD GET ALL THEIR FAMILY'S PROPERTY ONCE HE TURNED TWENTY ONE." but before that could happen RIA killed him as according to her ARJUN planned the blast and killed ANUSHA with NEIL. Finally I understood that RIA killed a person so she went to jail but NEIL tried to blast a place which is also a crime and he got killed for it so I went to the police station, told them the story with all the proofs, the forensic tests done on NEIL'S body proving that he was not ARJUN. I thaught they after hearing all his crimes may decrease RIA'S punishment a little because she killed a criminal. As I went to the police officer to explain all this he looked at me scratching his head and asked, "MADAM CAN I KNOW WHO IS RIA?" I told, "SHE IS THE GIRL WHOM YOU CAUGHT ON THE HILL BECAUSE OF MY PHONE CALL, RIGHT?" He told, "MADAM, THAT DAY WE DIDN'T FIND ANYONE ON THAT HILL WHEN WE ARRIVED." After hearing this, I was about to hire a cab outside and found RIA walking across the street. I don't know how but following her I lost her into a huge crowd who arrived all of a sudden to attend 'THE GREAT INDIAN EXHIBITION' which offered all it's rides free of cost during this day of January every year. I searched for her for almost an hour and half and when I found her walking I just tapped her back calling, "RIA!" She turned and said, "YES!" I looking at her realising that she is not my friend I said, "OH! I AM SORRY I THOUGHT IT'S MY FRIEND RIA SWAMY." She said, "YES, I AM RIA SWAMY, CAN I HELP YOU WITH SOMETHING?" She with a question mark face says, "NO! YOU CAN LEAVE!" She walks away and then I ask myself, "HOW CAN SHE BE RIA SWAMY?" which is when I turned back and found RIA, my friend smiling from far away in the crowd and walking away before I reached her. After following her for a while I reached a place, a small 1BHK house with some pictures of two small girls hanging on the wall as I entered in and there was an envelope on the chair which had a letter saying, "I AM RIA, I KNOW YOU WILL REACH THIS HOUSE. I DID ALL THIS POLICE ARREST DRAMA THAT DAY TO BRING YOU HERE AND TELL YOU THAT ANUSHA IS YOUR SISTER AND I WANTED YOU TO KNOW THAT SHE DIDN'T DIE IN A NORMAL BOMB BLAST, THOUGH I AM THE PERSON WHO WAS WITH HER ALL THESE YEARS, WHO GAVE HER FOOD, HOUSE, EDUCATION BUT I WANTED YOU TO KNOW THAT SHE IS YOUR TWIN SISTER WHO GOT MISPLACED BY YOUR MOM, IN YOUR CHILDHOOD, IN THE SAME EXHIBITION FROM WHERE YOU FOLLOWED ME AND REACHED HERE NOW AND I GOT TO KNOW THAT SHE IS YOUR SISTER WHEN SHE SAW YOU IN ONE OF OUR PICTURE TOGETHER IN MY PHONE AND TOLD ABOUT HER CHILDHOOD TO ME." RIA comes out from a room after I read the letter, I hugging her apologized saying, "I GOT SCARED AND CALLED THE POLICE THAT TIME." She smiled saying, "IT'S OKAY, I KNEW YOU WOULD DO THAT BECAUSE OF WHICH I FIXED THE ACTORS WHO CAME AS SOON AS YOU CALLED THE POLICE." She even says, "I AM GOING TO GET ARRESTED NOW. I DID ALL THIS JUST BECAUSE I WANTED YOU TO KNOW THAT ANUSHA IS YOUR SISTER AND TAKE HER DEATH'S REVENGE OFCOURSE. I WANTED YOU TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH BY INVESTIGATING THE BOMB BLAST CASE. I WAS HAPPY WHEN I SAW YOU EXPLAINING EVERYTHING IN THE POLICE STATION." I told, "YOU KILLED A CRIMINAL RIGHT? WHY THIS ARREST THEN?" She smiled and left the place as police arrived and handcuffed her.

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