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Irin Meleth
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Inspiration, Love, Mythology, Romance, Social Commentary. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since November 17, 2020.
Irin Meleth
From the probable Once
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This is a story of how i discovered i had super powers. Oops,did i just reveal that im a super hero? Shhh,okay? Our kind usually disguises ourselves with an obvious hairstyle change or head masks. So im sure you'll never recognise me, ever. And no,it wasnt a spider or a bat. Though i wish i could say an eagle bit me and i became the first eagle woman. So here goes the story of my rising. I must have been about seven or eight. I was away,as all stories begin,and at my grandparents house,unlike how usual stories go. But hey,anything is possible anywhere. I couldnt find a source to quench my thirst this one evening and i searched out my mother and aunt who were in the backyard. Just as i found them out there,i also found a big bottle of water right on the windowsill. Like anyone would,i took it and drank a portion of the content unaware of some sudden shouts from around. Well,the "water" tasted odd and before i knew it i was picked inside the house and integorated on how much i drank and whether i was feeling okay. As it turned out,the bottle wasnt filled with water which you might've guessed at this point. What else? Liquefied kryptonite? No.  Polyjuice portion? No. The perfect potion by professor Utonium? I wish. It was in real a liquid fuel. A.k.a kerosene. Well,as some stories go,i was rushed to the hospital, examined ,given the right meds and a glucose drip. It was while i laid in this hospital bed that i realised i wasnt the same anymore. I looked around the ceiling and the walls and saw various colours dancing around. Pretty colours everywhere i looked. My seven-year-old brain was fairly sure i wasnt human anymore and raised and swung my injected arm around knowing all too well that whatever the drip contained had made me a superhuman. There it is. A new comic idea for the world. In all fairness,i really miss my childhood self unaware of how the world worked and ready to seek out answers and reasons on our own however bizarre and weird they might be before we've been corrupted by the reality of this world. A funny pickup on a childhood tale of mine,yes, but these memories are a reminder of a past self i dont want to forget for me. A self i want to be kept reminded of (you mean the lesson that you shouldnt ever drink kerosene again, duh? Yep,that and more lol) Also, obviously probbale bedtime stories to entertain my kids with one day. Name : Irin Meleth Institution : St.Teresa's College,Ernakulam

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