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vinaya chandan reddy
vinaya chandan reddy
Satirical comedy short story
  2 Mins Read


On Death bed 96 years old man Surrounded with his children and grandchildren. He is smiling by watching his children and grandchildren, And remembering all his past and childhood. He remembers totally as successful and happiness. Then his elder son says, “Everything gonna be okay, don’t worry” With tearful eyes. “I know everything gonna fine”, said old man with a smile. At the corner of his bed 3years old grandson playing with a toy and asked,  ” papa where are you going? Mom said your going somewhere and never comeback. Why?” Then old man grab that boy hand and said, “ I’m going to meet your grandma in heaven and spend some peaceful time with her at there”, and laughing. Slowly closes his eyes and smile on his face.  Doctors came in conforms his death, and everyone starts crying.

Few moments later

Old man wake in a darkroom with no pain,more energy,and no body. Then a door opens, Old man entering with lot of thoughts and imagining heaven, angels, his wife, and happiness. Next room is totally filled with light, he just felt like standing near to billion stars with no heat. In front of him there is a person just looks like wizard full wight colour dress.  “Welcome mortal “, he said. “Ah thank you”, said old man.  “ your completed all your levels with well scores like a pro player, and are you ready for another journey “, he said. “ thank you god,am I going to heaven or hell. obviously I’m done all good, and I did all my responsibilities and promises.”, Said old man with a happy face. “Yes, a saw everything from here. And I’m not god, I’m the creator. And your next journey is restart the game again. “, said creator. “What do you mean RESTART ?? , I’m not going heaven or at least hell?”, Asked old man with a question mark face. “I never created hell and heaven you people created that. There is no such thing. Life is just a circle and everything should follow that circle path. “, said creator.  Old man paralysed with a silence.   “ come on let’s go. I have to receive another player”, said creator. “FUCKING GOD” said old man and going to press next start button. Creator said “ language “. By pressing button old man turns back and said “ HOLY FUCKING GOD”. Old man entered into his new role.


Old man serving in a military. And wakes in early morning in his war camp says “GOD PLEASE SAVE ME TODAY”. Creator watching everything from control room said “ ASSHOLES “.  -vinaya chandan reddy.T

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