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Sk muzamil
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Fantasy, Fiction. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since July 17, 2020.
Sk muzamil
Ghost land; the fear
ghost stories
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With great excitement and enthusiasm I along with my two other friends were moving home after a trip of one month. Ayan was driving the car . On the back seat were zaid. I i,e zayn, was beside Ayaan. Zaid was narrating his created story to us but we were not paying attention to him instead I was looking out to the mountains. The mountains appeared gigantic.I was thinking about the greatest reservoirs of the Earth's fresh water when our car suddenly got a back hit from something and fell down from a mountain. We all started crying loudly and chanting hymns for our safety. After falling down from a mountain I unclosed my eyes and I looked out from window.I got amazed when I saw that we actually landed on a strange bridge.The bridge was very scary and fully rusted and it wasn't in our way. I asked Ayan to start the car, as he tried to start car he said that the car had ran short of petrol. This strange place generated fear in our eyes and body. I was fully stumbling.This was an avoidable emotion which caused our body to tremble.Nothing was here without darkness no man, no women Suddenly some strange sounds started coming from a nearby dark forest.The terror of the bridge turned our skin pale.The sweat started breaking out and our hair bristling.The breathing hurried. I asked my friends to get out of the car as nothing would happen if we remained inside the car. As we got down the car I got closer to one side of bridge and gripped a rod. As I gripped the rod the bats came out drizzling in air. I saw the bloody river running down the bridge coming from different straits.I continued my gaze towards the bloody river for minutes.I felt like someone was hypnotising me. Something from the bloody river was bewitching me. Somehow I managed to rush from the side of the bridge and moved towards the car. "Guys get into the car this place isn't safe" I said to my friends. As we got into the car, we heard some shouts coming closer from nearby dark forest.Now the real fear appeared. My body started shivering from top to bottom. After hearing this scary strange shout my body was shaking like a leaf.My blood ran cold. Now this spooky sound was banging our ears continuously. My hair stood on end. The exaggeration approached its max level when I saw something moving down from the dark forest . I said my friends about the thing.I said them to ask him for help. "He is coming to us", said zaid. When he got a little closer to our car I saw that his stature was just like the shortest man in our village . Due to darkness we weren't able to see his face clearly. As he approached very close to our car I asked Ayaan to switch on lights.As Ayaan switched the lights on, I saw a human figured man emerging out from the darkness to us.The light flickered against bits of it's twinkling body . When he got a little closer I saw him clearly . He was skinless and very ugly singing the same horrifying songs which we had heard some minutes before. I told my friends to get off the car and run away. We saw a narrow lane in the back of our car and went through this lane. The thing made those horrible sounds from back followed by faint voices.I told my friends to ignore the sound and ran ahead. He was continuously banging these sounds from our back.He was chasing us and was singing some terrifying songs. We without looking behind were running forward that suddenly a new voice Came out from the corner of a house . I saw a man in a strange outfit . The man was very tall and his outfit was very strange. Thanks to God he wasn't ugly he took us into a room. He closed the room tightly. the room was full of swords, arches, shields etc but no man or women was around excluding this man. Who are you and where are we right now? I asked the man.I'm lulu. This is a ghostland full of ghosts. It's the earth of ghosts." I'm a traveler while traveling through different dimensions. I stuck here on this planet and my teleporting machine got damaged a little, said the lulu". Wait dimensions? You mean you are a time-traveler asked Ayan. Yes I'm, replied lulu. How is this possible? I asked. Do you know about wormholes? Lulu said. We all said no. Just leave this science and find some way to get out of this horrifying place, said Zaid. On this lulu replied, " This place is very dangerous, stay here I can teleport you back to your exact locations". I'm repairing my machine. It will take me just 10 minutes more. This machine will teleport you to your exact location. Okay do fast said Zaid. I heard footsteps approaching, getting closer and closer . My hands were full of sweat and felt weak. I grew chilled to the bone and afraid. Eventually I heard footsteps just like moving away. I looked up to the window and screamed. There on the windows mirror was the same ugly man casting sights to us. His face had sliced flesh as if it's face had been slashed with a sharp knife. How much time will it take you to repair it? I asked Lulu. Just 2 more minutes he replied. The entire building was crowded by ugly ghosts all making the same horrifying sounds. The door was closed and ghosts were hitting it and finally they broke out the door. " Set your locations with the date on which you were teleported here and press this button, lulu said ". When we put our hands on the button after setting locations of our city . I closed my eyes. When I unclosed my eye after some minutes l was in my city. We were all safe and we didn't know What happened to our new made friend, Lulu? We lost our car there. It was already too late. I told my friends to go home and forget what happened to us. We will meet tomorrow. All waved goodbye. I went home too. The end We need ghost stories because we, infact, are the ghosts. Stephen_king.

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