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Kahaniya English
God fathers death
fairytales by Grimm brothers
  3 Mins Read

Godfather Death ~fairytales by Grimm brothers Once upon a time there was a poor man who already had twelve children when the thirteenth was born. Since he was at his wits’ end and in such distress, he ran into the forest, where he encountered our dear Lord, who said to him: “I feel sorry for you, my poor man. I shall stand sponsor to your child at the baptism and take care of him so that he’ll live happily on this earth.” Upon saying this, the Lord left him standing there and moved on. Soon thereafter the poor man encountered Death, who likewise spoke to him and said, “I want to be your godfather and stand sponsor to your child. If he has me as his friend, he will never be in need. I’ll make him into a doctor.” “I’m satisfied with what you say,” said the man. “You don’t make a difference between rich and poor when you fetch them. Tomorrow is Sunday. My son will be baptized. Just show up at the right time.” The next morning Death came and held the child during the baptism. After the child had grown up, Death came once again and took his godson into the forest. “Now you are to become a doctor, and you only have to pay attention to what I say. When you are called to a sick person and you see me standing at his head, it is a sign that I won’t take him. Let him smell the vapors of this bottle and rub the salve on his feet. Then he’ll become well again. However, if I stand at his feet, then it’s all over, and I’ll take him. Don’t try to cure him.” Upon saying this, Death gave him the bottle, and the young man became a famous doctor. He only had to take a look at a sick person, and he knew in advance whether the person would become well again or had to die. One time he was called to the king, who was lying in bed because of a serious illness. When the doctor entered the room, he saw Death standing at the king’s feet, and so the vapors of the bottle could not be of any help. Nevertheless, he had an urge to deceive Death. So, he grabbed hold of the king and turned him around so that Death stood at his head. This change succeeded, and the king became well again. However, when the doctor returned home, Death came to him, gave him some fierce looks, and said, “If you dare trick me another time, I’ll twist your head off.” Soon thereafter the king’s beautiful daughter became sick, and nobody in the world could help her. The king wept day and night. Finally, he announced that whoever cured her would have her as his reward and marry her. So the doctor came and saw Death standing at the feet of the princess. Since he was completely enchanted by her beauty, however, he forgot all of Death’s warnings, turned the princess around, let her smell the vapors of the bottle, and rubbed the soles of her feet with the salve. No sooner did he return home than Death stood there with a horrible look on his face. Then he seized his godson and carried him to an underground cave, where a thousand candles were burning. “Take a look!” Death said. “These are the candles of the living, and this light over here that’s only burning a little, this is your life. Watch out!”

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