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I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Epistolary, Fantasy, Fiction, Folklore, Historical Fiction, Inspiration, Love, Lyrics, Mythology, Plays, Romance, Film Scripts, Social Commentary, Spiritual, Thriller, Travelogue, Feminist Lit. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since July 14, 2020.
never give up
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Once upon a time in a very far Village born a beautiful fairy 🧚 with empty wings.she was so pure, happy and emmited bright light all the time.Hence,named ANGELA.Since young her only dream was to fly and explore the vast blue sky. Everyday,she filled her empty wings with little white feathers that are made out of trust,love❤️,hope🙂,happiness😄,positiveness she experienced in her life. As Angela grew, her feathers turned into blue that are made out of confidence,strength,health,willpower, knowledge, she possesed.the night 🌌before her 20 th birthday Angela sat before mirror admirring her beautifully grown wings in a whitieshblue colour with a tinch of gold touch representing her talents that she mastered. She was so excited for the first flight planned on her birthday.but sometimes things don't go as we plan. Isn't it? Next day ANGELA woke up to the noise of chattering and laughter.she opened the door and walked down the corridor to find her parents chatting with some strangers upon some coffee☕ and cakes🍰.on seeing Angela her mother stood from the sofa and hugged her wishing her

happy birthday. 🎂 In

the conversation that happened at breakfast only word that caught her attention was engagment💍.then it struck her,


This news just struck her like lightning ⚡ making her fall to the ground unconcious. After many discussions and arguments with her parents, she has no choice but to marry.she tried explaining her dream to fly and her hardwork for 20 years to make it happen.but,they never listened nor understood.so today,she stood in front of some strange man as his bride 👰.Although her dreams were shattered to pieces.she entered her husband's world with a smile on her face. His wings were not white like ANGELA but of dark brown colour representing his domination and authority over his people.ANGELA tried to cope with him and his life but it was impossible since she was never used to such domination before.upon spending some time with him she understood that he only needed a wife but not a companion.slowly,she was exposed to the true colours of society and their horrible judjment eyes. Every small single thing she does was judged and criticised .From the dress she wore to the word she spoke was judged so eventually she gave up on everything.her feathers started to fall off from her wings and the shine of goldfeathers faded eventually.she gave up on flying completely.she gave birth to two other small fairys to her suprise,she was even criticized for the gender of her unborn babies.All the criticisum she faced eventually led her to depression making her blue feathers wither.her confidence and willpower were long gone.hope was lost ,strength was forgotten, health was on edge and so was she. Many feathers were gone making ugly holes in her wings.But one golden feather shined as brightly as ever in her right wing which was never noticed by her. One day ANGELA visited her sick father who is on his death bed.upon seeing his daughter he felt so guilty for his decision to marry her off.He held her hands and said sorry. Before his death,he plucked the shining golden feather from his daughters wing and placed it in her hands asking her not to loose hope.ANGELA looked at the feather and she knew that the feather shined because of the managing skills she mastered due to the housework and children and her lips formed into a curve after a very long time. Soon her husband feel sick and the responsibility of bussiness fell on her shoulders.she took the opportunity and developed the bussiness twice in a very short time with her management skills.meanwhile all her feathers grew back but with more gold now.ANGELA's husband recognised her talent and apologized for underestimating her.After a long time she spred her wings and flew into the blue sky enjoying every moment fullfilling her life long dream.

Many women in the world are working so hard for their dream goal but eventually giving up due to criticisum,judgment and domination in their lives.i hope that they would find their golden feather and fly into high sky reaching their goal.

To all women with fighting spirits.keep fighting and don't loose hope.

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