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Kripa Joemon
You must strive to find your own voice because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are going to find it at all. - Dead Poets Society
Kripa Joemon
Good Old Days
The pretend plays that bend the frameworks of reality and logic
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Thinking back to my childhood days, one of my most cherished memories must be the pretend plays we used to have among ourselves. A child’s most special power must be his or her capacity to imagine. We used to hold all sorts of pretend plays when me and my cousins got together at my mother’s childhood home. For our plays, nothing was off the table: everything goes. The best thing is during that age, being kids, none of us actually thought about the crazy plots we made up in our mind. As a child, we are all outside the grasp of worldly logic. We do not sit and analyse and cross examine everything to see if it was logical; if it would happen. One summer when we got together, we happened to see two movies. One was the very classic, crowd favourite, Jurassic Park. The other one was a horror movie, Grudge. Our tiny brains soaked both movies like sponges and we held discussions about the movies for hours after we finished it. Soon we got bored, as sitting still at a single place was not something any of us were familiar with. So we decided to play and everyone kinda voted for a pretend play. That was how the most ambitious crossover in history was born. A beautiful combo of Jurassic Park and Grudge. The plot was a combined brainchild of the five of us. It went like this, our plane would crash land in Jurassic Park. We would eventually build a shelter out of the ruins of our plane and successfully fend off the dinosaurs until we start to get haunted by the lady ghost in grudge. We usually only made an outline of the plot and improvised on it as we went. Because of my love of horror it was a no brainer that I would be playing the ghost. We played in a dark room which was almost pitch black except for the tiny glimmer of light from one of the windows. Everything was going smoothly until one of our youngest cousins, who was 2 or 3 years at that time, who we never included in our games, came into the room without us spotting her. Then it was time for me to come out from under the bed and scare one of them. Unfortunately my eyes went to the little figure at the corner of the room, which I mistook for one of us crouching there to escape my eyes. I creeped up behind her and shouted “BOO” at the top of my lungs,vigorously shaking her. She got so scared she cried and ran out the room so frantically that she fell down and got a small bruise on the leg. Obviously our parents scolded us a lot, turning a deaf ear to our explanations. I think back now and laugh at how the five of us sat together the rest of the evening plotting revenge against her. Kripa Joemon BA English Language and Literature St. Teresa's College, Ernakulam

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