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Suzenna S Poothuran
Comedy, Crime, Romance, Thriller - These are a few of my favorite genres. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since November 16, 2020.
Suzenna S Poothuran
Happy Smiles in Sunshine & in Rain
Reminiscing a childhood well spend.
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As the church bell chimes 7'o'clock, hurried footsteps of three toddlers could be heard across the corner. "Bye Sue" yelled the siblings, Kathy and Abin, as they bid goodbye to their friend for the night. Physically and Mentally exhausted by the day-long fun and games, the children took a long shower, ate heartily and retired to bed, with the hopes of yet another day of fun and frolic. This was what my childhood looked like, free from worries, anxieties and depression. Those were definitely simpler times, with gadgets restricted to adults and slyly used by kids. Be it Sunshine, Rain or Cloudy days, we filled each other's lives with Happy Smiles and Laughter. Conjuring up imaginary scenarios, mimicking super heroes of that day, we never had a minute to lose. Every day I spend with the gang, remains a memory engraved in my heart for eternity. Katherine, the oldest of the siblings, was mature and subdued, willingly taking up the role of the elder sister. She wasn't too excited about the adventures we undertake. Abin, the younger of the two, was energetic, adventurous, prone to injury and loved sports. To Complete the gang, we had Joseph, who was smart, reserved, atheletic and funny. Since Abin, Joseph and I were the same age, it was Kathy who mothered us with care and caution. I enjoyed the thrill of the adventures, the guys and I undertook, equally enjoying the warm sisterhood that evolved with Kathy. My fondest memories dates back to the summer vacation, when we get to play all day long, as long as we finish our holiday assignments on time. Our typical day started with the siblings arrival to assemble the gang, with the parents permission, we'd head to the park, a happy bunch of four, to play in the swings, the see-saws, the slides and the monkey climbers. As the sun grew hot, we'd find solace in the siblings house, making flavoured ice, munching on biscuits and soaking in the inflatable pool till lunch time. The gang would disperse for lunch, unless invited to dine with the siblings. After lunch, we'd head to my house to play with the kitchen set, the black board - to play teacher, or we'd settle on some crazy adventures. Munching on fruits cut up by my mother, we'd enjoy ourselves with whatever is available, inventing games to while away time. As the scorching sun settles, we would head out to play sports, with Kathy occupying a safe corner to stay away from the hurtling balls and swinging bats. As the sun sets, we'd go back indoors. I can't help remembering rainy evenings, with frogs croaking along the way, Kathy and Abin were terrified of the unpredictable frogs. They'd beg me to escort them back home, huddled under a big umbrella, each of them screaming when they see a frog jumping here and there, we'd somehow make it back home. Many Monsoons passed by, with rain pelting down and frogs croaking, This memory continues to put a smile on my face. As I look back, it was the little things in life that has made all the difference. Years have gone by, we've all parted ways, even when distanced physically, we're still connected by heart. - Suzenna S Poothuran St. Teresa's College, II B.A. English Literature

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